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Texas Craft Brewers Festival Debuts Beer List
Hey readers! We here at the Austin Chronicle Food section have finally cut a sliver of our busy Pokéstoppin’ time to clean out our reader mailbag full of craft beer-related queries. This week, we’re answering questions about the Texas Craft Brewers Festival presented by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild.

1:00PM Thu. Sep. 1, 2016, Eric Puga Read More | Comment »

Beer Today, Framed Tomorrow: The Art of the Brew Returns
Anybody tells you that making art isn’t hard work, they probably haven’t made enough art themselves. But then, even artists who are kind of what you might call lackadaisical in their, uh, process – even those slackers could use a swig or five of some fine cold brew at the end of a working day.

8:00AM Wed. Aug. 31, 2016, Wayne Alan Brenner Read More | Comment »

Catching Up With The Beer Diaries
For over three years, locally produced web series The Beer Diaries has given its viewers and creators a window into the passion-fueled world of craft beer, a window open wide enough to take in an amber-tinted view of the world.

12:45AM Wed. Aug. 24, 2016, Tucker Whatley Read More | Comment »

Austin Beer Guide Reveals (Notjusta) Spring/Summer Release Party Beer List
If you enjoy the wit and wisdom of the internet – but in analogue – here is your big chance to grab the 19th iteration of the Austin Beer Guide, the city’s long game arbiter of conflict between the craft slackers and the whale hunters.

3:45PM Tue. Apr. 26, 2016, Eric Puga Read More | Comment »

Untapped Austin Releases Brewery List
If you are one of those weirdos who hates both beer and music, here’s a Zima and a Two and a Half Men DVD. Please entertain yourself while the rest of us discuss some adult stuff – namely the return of the Untapped Music and Beer Festival to Carson Creek Ranch on Saturday, May 14.

1:00PM Wed. Apr. 6, 2016, Brandon Watson Read More | Comment »

The Great Austin Beer Scavenger Hunt
It’s shameful, really. The treacly suggestions on “How to Do Austin Like a Local during SXSW” from lifestyle media act as if the descending audience were very small children unaware of the monster hiding underneath the bed. 

3:30PM Thu. Mar. 10, 2016, Eric Puga Read More | Comment »

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Raise Your Glass to Austin Beer Week
Why do we like Austin Beer Week? Because of the beer, duh. And also because it breaks all the rules of space and time. Yeah, we know that a week is seven days not 10, but during our sudsy reveries, we just don’t care.

12:00PM Fri. Oct. 23, 2015, Dan Gray Read More | Comment »

Texas Craft Brewers Festival Releases Beer List
Austinites enjoy their hot summers because it's good beer drinking weather. They also enjoy their mild winters because it's good beer drinking weather. Consequently, the confluence of these two seasons means that it's a perfect time for beer festival season, and that begins September 19 with the Texas Craft Brewers Festival.

10:30AM Wed. Sep. 2, 2015, Eric Puga Read More | Comment »

Raise Your Glass to American Craft Beer Week
We’ve never really understood “99 Bottles of Beer.” Sure, the taking one down part is nice – we just don’t like that “pass it around” part. Fortunately, there will be enough local beer flowing for American Craft Beer Week that we won’t have to.

10:45AM Mon. May 11, 2015, Brandon Watson Read More | Comment »

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