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Siduri’s Sophisticated Pinot Noirs Meet Jasper’s Gourmet Backyard Cuisine

Hints from professionals on how to pair wine and food

By Wes Marshall, 10:30AM, Fri. Mar. 7

We recently had a prime opportunity to talk with renowned winemaker Adam Lee. Adam was in town to do a wine pairing dinner with Chef Dustin Pustka at Jasper’s in the Domain.

Rather than just describe the food and wine, we thought we’d try to give you an insider’s look into how a couple of professionals decide which wine matches what food. We’ll start with their initial concepts, then show how to specifically mate a food with a wine’s flavors, aromas, colors, and density.

While Chef Pustka went to the kitchen to gather the ingredients for a demonstration, we spoke with Adam to get a little of his background for anyone new to the Siduri story. Adam started working in wine shops around Austin where he fell in love with Pinot Noir-based wines. He and his wife Dianna decided to take a huge leap of faith and invest their total life savings ($24,000) into making their own Pinot Noir. Their magnificent success is similar to a rookie team winning the Final Four and is worth a read in itself

We next went to the kitchen to get into the details about wine and food pairing.

After enjoying our food and wine, Adam and Dustin had a few final thoughts, especially about mustard! Siduri wines are available at better wine shops and restaurants all over town.

Jasper’s Gourmet Backyard Cuisine

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