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P. Terry's Cookie Challenge Re-scheduled

Vote for your favorite oatmeal cookie from Dec. 6-13

By Virginia B. Wood, 12:45PM, Fri. Dec. 6, 2013

P. Terry's Oatmeal Cookie
courtesy Giant Noise PR
The big P. Terry's Cookie Challenge we told you about last week has been re-scheduled, so fans of Austin's fastest-growing hometown burger chain will still have the opportunity to choose which oatmeal cookie will be the sweet treat on the menu.

Have you ever tried a particular item on a restaurant menu and said to yourself "I've got a better recipe for this and they need to have it!"? Well, that's exactly what happened when loyal customer Ellie Livesay tried the oatmeal cookies at her neighborhood P. Terry's Burger Stand. As much as she liked their oatmeal cookie, she felt her personal recipe was better and that's what she told owner Patrick Terry. The challenge piqued Terry's interest and he agreed to taste her cookie. In keeping with his mission to provide the best-tasting food options around, Terry decided to let his valued customers choose which cookie should have a regular spot on the menu.

courtesy Giant Noise PR

Luckily, Ellie's cookie meets the P. Terry's requirements of not using any artificial flavors or ingredients. It's made with Mexican vanilla, butter, oatmeal, and chocolate chips with a little coarse sea salt sprinkled on top. Both cookies are priced at $1. Drop by your favorite P. Terry's location, try both cookies and cast your vote. Who will get that coveted menu spot - the original or the challenger?

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