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The Goods on Glenfiddich

Brand 'ambassador' David Allardice spills about Maltmaster's

By Wes Marshall, 3:03PM, Thu. Dec. 13, 2012

The folks at Glenfiddich describe David Allardice as a “globe-trotting Scotch whisky expert.” His business card says Glenfiddich Ambassador. Whatever you want to call him, he knows his whisky.

He was in Austin recently to show off some of Glenfiddich’s best whiskies, including the rarest, The Maltmaster’s Edition. Now, Glenfiddich sells an enormous amount of whisky in the U.S. But not everyone gets the chance to taste their best single malts. We try them here, as well as check into the whole concept of “peatiness” and to the house’s philosophy about how whisky should taste. We spent about 20 minutes talking, and for anyone interested in Scotch whisky, it’s well worth a watch.

As always, our goal in these interviews is to offer the reader access to folks they normally would not be able to converse with in order to further their knowledge about adult beverages.

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