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Jemima Code Banners Part of Food Day Celebration

Larger-than-life photos of African-American cooks shown in Boston

By Virginia B. Wood, 1:05PM, Wed. Oct. 24, 2012

Jemima Code Banners Part of Food Day Celebration

Austin food journalist and culinary historian Toni Tipton-Martin is speaking at a Food Day event in Boston on Wednesday, October 24. The event includes an exhibition of her collection of photo banners of African-American cooks working in kitchens in the American South entitled The Jemima Code.

The Public Kitchen, a grass-roots venue that creates opportunities for conversations about food and culture, is sponsoring the event at the Shirley Eustis House in Roxbury. Tipton-Martin will speak about the culinary contributions African-American cooks have made to American cuisine and present the rarest volume from her collection of early African-American cookbooks, The House Servant's Directory- A Monitor for Private Families. Written by Robert Roberts in 1827 in nearby Waltham, the book is the first commercially-published book by an African American. Find more information about the exhibit and the event here.

When Toni Tipton-Martin returns to Austin, she'll be presenting a free cooking class series at the Carver Museum that encourages African-Americans to reclaim their health by reclaiming their culinary history. The Taste of African Heritage series runs from Thursday, November 1 through Thursday, December 13. For more information on the series, email info@thesandeyouthproject.org

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