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First Look at Whole Foods Bee Cave

We get a sneak peek at the new Whole Foods location

2:52PM, Sat. May. 12, 2012

The Whole Foods floor plan
The folks from the Bee Caves Whole Foods were kind enough to give a few of us a peak at their new 35,000 square foot store. It officially opens on Wednesday, May 16 at 7:30am with a bread breaking, followed by doors opening at 8am.

We saw a few things that excited us. As with all Whole Foods, all the wild-caught seafood is certified as either Green or Yellow. That means they are not killing fish that are having trouble sustaining.

The vegetable section is huge and awaits right at the front entrance. They have set aside a good amount of room for locally grown produce and are even going to have overhead streamers to show where the locally grown vegetables come from.

Maximum fun for those of us who like adult beverages will be the upstairs tasting area called The Buzz. Though this Whole Foods won't have restaurants like the downtown version, it will have seating areas where you can take your pre-made foods and grab a drink and enjoy a meal.

Those of us who live out this direction have noticed a dramatic uptick at the HEB and Randall's, in the quality of the service, the store layouts and the products sold, and all likely out of fear of Whole Foods. Nothing could be nicer for us, because, frankly, service and quality at both was distinctly below par. Hopefully, Whole Foods will prove the old statement about a rising tide lifting all boats. The latest rumor is that the HEB at Bee Cave Road and 71 will become a Central Market. But, so far, it's just a rumor.

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