The Art of Gothic Brings Darkness in Full Slick Color

Bela Lugosi's dead, of course, but we can imagine that man's Dracula nodding with satisfaction at the ever-shifting shadowstains with which his dark majesty has marked the surface of modern culture. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Fri. Oct. 17, 2014, Wayne Alan Brenner

Staring Into the Abyss With Mike Mignola

Mike Mignola created Hellboy and the world of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Now he's slowly destroying it. He says, "There's a map in [writer] Scott Allie's office, marking out what's left." Read More | Comment »

6:00PM Mon. Sep. 15, 2014, Richard Whittaker

From Sin City to Odd City

Ain't nothing odd about a little sin. So it makes sense that Austin's newest suspects in the poster biz, Odd City, will be releasing a special Sin City: A Dame to Kill For print for the Austin Film Society screening of Robert Rodriguez's new super-stylized neo-retro-noir. Read More | Comment »

1:01PM Sat. Aug. 16, 2014, Richard Whittaker

Godzilla Versus Guzu Gallery Again

Welcome to the year of Godzilla. As the world quakes before the giant beast's new movie, Guzu Gallery will be hosting a second show dedicated to the mightiest kaiju of all. Read More | Comment »

12:15PM Wed. Mar. 26, 2014, Richard Whittaker

Face to Face With Mr Incredible

So we teased some images from Mondo's new poster show, the Disney-inspired Nothing's Impossible. Now here's the animated marvels in all their glory. Read More | Comment »

10:31PM Thu. Mar. 6, 2014, Richard Whittaker

The Wonderful World of Mondo

We live in a Disney world. Just ask artist Mike Mitchell, who said, "If you were born in the ’80s, it's unavoidable. Or the ’70s." Mondo art director Rob Jones laughed. "I can't imagine there was a time when Disney wasn't a part of it. Maybe for people in the ’20s." Read More | Comment »

12:47PM Wed. Mar. 5, 2014, Richard Whittaker

AFS Hails 'Black Caesar'

All hail Black Caesar! Wednesday night, local print collective Odd City and the Austin Film Society will be celebrating the work of Fred "The Hammer" Williamson with a special print of one of his greatest roles. Read More | Comment »

3:42PM Tue. Mar. 4, 2014, Richard Whittaker

Soak in the 'Blue Sunshine'

While the big Mondo news recently has been their announcement of their Disney show for SXSW, the mavens of weird visuals are staying true to their indie roots with their latest release: A poster, vinyl soundtrack and VHS release for political/drug paranoia classic Blue Sunshine, to be dealt at a special screening this month. Read More | Comment »

3:35PM Tue. Feb. 11, 2014, Richard Whittaker

Everybody Wants a Few Good Dates

Even in these digital times, with everything synced and cross-referenced through all our devices and saturating the Cloud until it rains tears of data on our multitasking heads … Read More | Comment »

11:00AM Thu. Jan. 16, 2014, Wayne Alan Brenner

Shepard Fairey Says to Obey SXSW

When artist Shepard Fairey created the OBEY poster series, he played with the ideas and images of propaganda. Now, with the Obama HOPE print and his new work in environmentalism, he's trying to get a real message out. That's why SXSW Eco has just announced him as their final keynote speaker. Read More | Comment »

9:16AM Wed. Sep. 4, 2013, Richard Whittaker

Exclusive Peek: Jason Edmiston's Mondo Blacula

If there's one artist who is becoming synonymous with Mondo Gallery, it's Jason Edmiston. So with his first solo Austin show opening tomorrow, we have an exclusive peek at two of his works. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Thu. Aug. 22, 2013, Richard Whittaker

Mondo Gets Oscar Fever

If you're feeling confident that you may win your office Oscar pool, the good folks at Mondo will try to lure that cash out of your pocket tonight with a series of Academy Award nominee prints. Read More | Comment »

12:00PM Sun. Feb. 24, 2013, Richard Whittaker

We Buy Your Kids Come From Down Under

Mondo is announcing: We Buy Your Kids. No, don't panic, it's not the latest unexpected expansion of the local gallery's brand. Australian artists Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney, aka design duo We Buy Your Kids, are the latest to get wall space at the Guadalupe gallery. Read More | Comment »

2:09PM Thu. Nov. 29, 2012, Richard Whittaker

Forget About That Goddam E.A.S.T. For a Minute, OK?

But, listen: You don't want to miss the trees for the forest. Read More | Comment »

2:09PM Thu. Oct. 11, 2012, Wayne Alan Brenner

Mondo Gets Cut Up And Nagelized For New Gallery Show

Break out the air brushes and hair gel! The Mondo Gallery is bringing new wave/nerd wave fusion genius Craig Drake and cut-up maestro Robert Brandenburg together for their next deconstructionist poster show. Read More | Comment »

4:47PM Thu. Sep. 6, 2012, Richard Whittaker

Jane Radstom’s Artistic Visions

I don’t know about you, but when I see something beautiful, I want to know everything there is to know about it. Read More | Comment »

12:19PM Mon. Mar. 26, 2012, Ayeesha Green

These Hot Chefs

These 10 chefs, specifically: Read More | Comment »

12:37PM Sun. Feb. 19, 2012, Wayne Alan Brenner

Oh, What a Stylish Pussy She Has!

We're not going to leave well enough alone, here.
Read More | Comment »

10:15AM Mon. Aug. 22, 2011, Wayne Alan Brenner

Avery 7 New Issue Party

1. Because Avery 7 is a sharp new anthology of short fiction
that'll provide a solid morning, afternoon, or evening
of reading whenever you desire. Read More | Comment »

12:28PM Sun. Aug. 21, 2011, Wayne Alan Brenner

Ax-Wielding 101

Here’s Ax, a mixed bag of goodness to dispel any notions you might’ve accrued about how manga ~ that’s Japanese comics, friend ~ is all big-eyed kiddie-genre hijinks. Top Shelf Productions (a company that publishes excellent American comics, too) is where this gorgeously produced volume comes from. Why else is it worth your time and money? Read More | Comment »

1:06PM Wed. Dec. 8, 2010, Wayne Alan Brenner

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