When Bunim/Murray Calls … Give It Your 'Best Ink'

Open casting for Oxygen's 'Best Ink,' June 23, Maggie Mae's

By Anne Harris, 4:01PM, Tue. Jun. 19, 2012

When Bunim/Murray Calls … Give It Your 'Best Ink'

You are already familiar with Bunim/Murray Productions whether you know it or not. Best known for MTV's The Real World, Road Rules, et al, it is arguably credited with creating reality television, although we think Craig Gilbert and Curtis Davis accomplished that with the televised, fly-on-the-wall 1970's series, An American Family.

If you are a local tattoo artist with cable, you may have seen Best Ink on the Oxygen channel. As Bunim/Murray prepares for its second season, they need Austin's creative tattoo artists to represent their fair city in an open casting call. Go on, get on that Tee Vay, sons and daughters:

Saturday, June 23, 10am
Maggie Mae's
323 E. Sixth Street

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