Converse All-Star Watchtower: Jimi Hendrix Redemption

No dead rock star is safe

By Anne Harris, 6:42PM, Fri. Nov. 26, 2010

"It's funny how most people love the dead, once you're dead you're made for life." Jimi Hendrix We've covered Converse's attempts to honor dead rock stars both in this space and in Ad Nauseam, the key word being "dead" in those pieces. The image of Kurt Cobain and Leonardo puking in their graves comes to mind.

The three shoes that make up the Jimi Hendrix Chuck Taylor line, however, may mark a new direction in taste for the Nike-owned sweatshop shoe.

One style features artwork from the Axis: Bold as Love LP; another is modeled on the iconic military jacket he wore in photos, and that is arguably responsible for the long reign of military-style anything and everything; and the last is a layered stencil print of Hendrix himself. We'd prefer a tribute to "Purple Haze", but then, folks in hell want ice water. Show you've got some experience in a pair of these while they last.

Axis: Bold as Love

Princess Diana shoe

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