Fusebox Festival: Sewn on the Street

Can you stitch up a garment in the same amount of time as the average sweatshop worker? Find out at the Fusebox Festival's Machine Shop Series as textile artists Monika Jakubiak of Warsaw, Poland, and Rebecca Layton of Austin invite you to take a seat in their pop-up sweatshop and make garments on the spot. Read More | Comment »

Events/Listings 3:32PM Tue. Apr. 15, Anne Harris

Estate Sale Roundup: April 11-13

Others' heirlooms don't have to expire. Make them part of your own family's legacy as you pass them down. Read More | Comment »

Events/Listings 8:30AM Fri. Apr. 11, Anne Harris

Estate Sale Roundup: April 4-6

The possessions of some unique people wait us this week – artists and antique dealers, from small homes and large. Read More | Comment »

Events/Listings 10:00AM Fri. Apr. 4, Anne Harris

Estate Sale Roundup: March 29-30

If you're rumbling around town this weekend, you might as well go shopping for the home – in someone else's home. Oh, it's all legal, let's go. Read More | Comment »

Events/Listings 6:08PM Fri. Mar. 28, Anne Harris

Godzilla Versus Guzu Gallery Again

Welcome to the year of Godzilla. As the world quakes before the giant beast's new movie, Guzu Gallery will be hosting a second show dedicated to the mightiest kaiju of all. Read More | Comment »

Graphic 12:15PM Wed. Mar. 26, Richard Whittaker

Estate Sale Roundup: March 21-23

We hope you're ready to rummage this week. There are great personal stories as well as the things you need right now (vintage rock tour tshirts, anyone?). Read the descriptions carefully, there are often incongruous items in the same sale. Read More | Comment »

Events/Listings 6:03PM Thu. Mar. 20, Anne Harris

Face to Face With Mr Incredible

So we teased some images from Mondo's new poster show, the Disney-inspired Nothing's Impossible. Now here's the animated marvels in all their glory. Read More | Comment »

Graphic 10:31PM Thu. Mar. 6, Richard Whittaker

The Wonderful World of Mondo

We live in a Disney world. Just ask artist Mike Mitchell, who said, "If you were born in the ’80s, it's unavoidable. Or the ’70s." Mondo art director Rob Jones laughed. "I can't imagine there was a time when Disney wasn't a part of it. Maybe for people in the ’20s." Read More | Comment »

Graphic 12:47PM Wed. Mar. 5, Richard Whittaker

AFS Hails 'Black Caesar'

All hail Black Caesar! Wednesday night, local print collective Odd City and the Austin Film Society will be celebrating the work of Fred "The Hammer" Williamson with a special print of one of his greatest roles. Read More | Comment »

Graphic 3:42PM Tue. Mar. 4, Richard Whittaker

Estate Sale Roundup: February 28-March 2

Our heads are swimming with the treasures and detritus, that while new to us, have accumulated during one person's lifetime. Pondering the evidence of entertaining, hobbies, vacations, and family life provides voyeuristic fun, whether you are shopping or not. In fact, you may begin to think of these experiences as exhibits of human life. Read More | Comment »

Events/Listings 7:22PM Thu. Feb. 27, Anne Harris

Austin Fabric Shop Hop

Here's a three-day multistore smorgasbord of all things sewable, featuring eight shops stocked full of fabrics and tools to spark your wildest creative fantasies – or just enable you to properly tackle that tricky evening-gown project you've been planning for a few years now. Read More | Comment »

Fashion 10:00AM Fri. Feb. 21, Wayne Alan Brenner

Estate Sale Roundup: February 21-23

This week's sales are pretty seductive, with costume jewelry, great porcelain and crystal, and comic books! There are also lots of tools for gardeners and wood workers. Read More | Comment »

Events/Listings 3:43PM Thu. Feb. 20, Anne Harris

Food Issue Extra Helpings: Cafe Bistro, Will You Be My Valentine?

The biggest trick to forgetting you’re in a mall is enjoying organic, local, sustainable food – entirely different than typical mall food. Oh, Nordstrom, your Cafe Bistro prepares fresh food daily that parents don’t have to feel guilty about serving. Will you be mine? Read More | Comment »

Miscellany 9:45AM Fri. Feb. 14, Terry Ornelas Woodroffe

Estate Sale Roundup: February 14-16

Stay out of the generic big-box stores this Valentine's and make a statement with treasures found. Read More | Comment »

Events/Listings 4:59PM Thu. Feb. 13, Anne Harris

Soak in the 'Blue Sunshine'

While the big Mondo news recently has been their announcement of their Disney show for SXSW, the mavens of weird visuals are staying true to their indie roots with their latest release: A poster, vinyl soundtrack and VHS release for political/drug paranoia classic Blue Sunshine, to be dealt at a special screening this month. Read More | Comment »

Graphic 3:35PM Tue. Feb. 11, Richard Whittaker

Estate Sale Roundup: February 7-9

This week, we find that it's slow winter weekend on the hunt, but the following sales are packed nonetheless with everything from old projectors to vintage Boy Scout items. Load up a dolly and some duct tape in the station wagon and get started. Read More | Comment »

Events/Listings 11:28AM Thu. Feb. 6, Anne Harris

Estate Sale Roundup Jan. 31-Feb. 2

We're are always stunned at the array of belongings one family can accumulate, and even if you are on someone else's mission and don't shop, there is a voyeuristic quality to being suddenly privy to a stranger's things. But in the moment, most of us just want a great deal on treasures for our own nests, so read on. Read More | Comment »

Events/Listings 4:40PM Thu. Jan. 30, Anne Harris

'I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn That Way'

If you always wondered how Wile E. Coyote schlepped that anvil around, or, for that matter, where Popeye really had those convenient cans of spinach, these 3D cartoon bags may provide the answer. Read More | Comment »

Color 8:51PM Tue. Jan. 28, Anne Harris

Estate Sale Roundup: Jan. 24-26

There is a large variety of other people's things to loot this weekend, so you may need to plan maps for multiple days. Remember, all sales are final, and merchandise is sold as-is. Try to bring your own packing materials as you may find the merchant has run out. Read More | Comment »

Events/Listings 5:29PM Thu. Jan. 23, Anne Harris

Estate Sale Roundup, Jan. 17-19

It's a busy time for estate-sailing, so grab your measuring tape – and maybe a jewelers' loupe – because for this foray you'll need all equipment on deck this weekend. Read More | Comment »

Events/Listings 4:21PM Thu. Jan. 16, Anne Harris

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