Derek On the Spot

Free Week Interviews with Megafauna and Whiskey Shivers

By Derek Van Wagner, 4:58PM, Mon. Jan. 14, 2013

Derek On the Spot

After spending the week going to free shows all over town, I was able to corner Megafauna and Whiskey Shivers for a couple rapid fire interviews.

This is the interview of Megafauna after they played one hell of a show at Holy Mountain on 01/03/13. Listen carefully as they reveal their secret nicknames and Danny Neff gives proper respect to HAAM for providing her with fantastic, custom earplugs.

And here is an interview with of Andrew, Joe and Horti of Whiskey Shivers after they played outside at the Mohawk on a chilly night during Free Week. We discuss why they never wear shoes and how much they hate the phrase "slap-a da bass".

A big thank you to Megafauna and Whiskey Shivers for putting up with my guff and equally large thanks to Holy Mountain and the Mohawk for putting on such kick ass shows.

Interviews can also be found here: