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Kat tells a few stories about her extra intuitive child
Kristen reminds us that sometimes things can go from bad to worse

I Sh!t You Not: Price Check!

11:49AM Tue. Apr. 30, 2013, LuvDoc

Marcus' embarrassing story is more embarrassing than yours

I Sh!t You Not: Aunt Judy

12:50PM Tue. Apr. 23, 2013, LuvDoc

Austin author Sarah Bird tells the story of her one hour in porn
Elizabeth becomes an innocent(?) victim of Austin's bag ban

I Sh!t You Not: Bag Ban

3:21PM Tue. Apr. 9, 2013, LuvDoc

Kris tells the tale of the demon boob

I Sh!t You Not: Demon Boob

1:55PM Tue. Apr. 2, 2013

Terry finds out what it feels like to be alone in a crowd
An actual voicemail left for the LuvDoc on 3/11/13

I Sh!t You Not: Voicemail

6:21PM Tue. Mar. 12, 2013, LuvDoc

Chronicle graphic artist Shelley tells about being part of a big story

I Sh!t You Not: Grumpy Cat

12:40PM Tue. Mar. 5, 2013, LuvDoc

Sweet John tells the story of his first time behind the wheel
Dennis from the White Horse on how he made it on 'America's Most Wanted'
Derek tells a tale of scatalogical deception
Bronwynn tells the tale of her epic high school house party

I Sh!t You Not: Scatter!

11:55AM Tue. Feb. 5, 2013, LuvDoc

Frankie tells how she was wilded by clapping Gypsies in Florence, Italy

I Sh!t You Not: Clapping Gypsies

The inaugural episode of what the LuvDoc hopes to be a long-running series. Read More | Comment »

11:53AM Tue. Jan. 29, 2013, LuvDoc

The LuvDoc's Celebrity Corner

Along with a dozen or so other part-time degenerates, Meg and I tubed the San Marcos River last Sunday. Why the San Marcos? Well, it's beautiful and trashy all at the same time - not the river, mind you, but the people on it, and that suits me and my friends just fine. Read More | Comment »

1:50PM Wed. Aug. 15, 2012, LuvDoc

The LuvDoc's Celebrity Corner

Rachel McGruder and I used to work in the same office, but for "different companies." The preceding quotations are necessary because the "different companies," (SXSW and the Austin Chronicle) were at the time, highly intermingled - so intermingled in fact, that we literally shared the same office space. Read More | Comment »

4:00PM Fri. Aug. 10, 2012, LuvDoc

The LuvDoc's Celebrity Corner

I first met Marcus G. Ollington at an elementary school track meet in central Austin – one of those deals where helicopter parents reward the shocking athletic ineptitude of their children with snacks and ribbons. Read More | Comment »

12:00PM Wed. Aug. 8, 2012, LuvDoc

The LuvDoc's Celebrity Corner

I met Kristine Kovach at the Austin Music Awards maybe like 10 years ago. Could have been 15. I don’t know. Anyway, I ran into her as she and her husband John (who was there to receive an award as a member of The Eggmen, a much-celebrated Austin Beatles tribute band) were exiting the VIP tent. Read More | Comment »

10:33AM Mon. Aug. 6, 2012

Last Up Too Early: Bring It, Bitches!

After more than a month of doing daily fashion critiques of random people unfortunate enough to be captured by the Google Streetview car, I am throwing in the towel. Read More | Comment »

9:58AM Wed. Aug. 1, 2012, LuvDoc

Up Too Early

Let’s not mince words: Coffee is a drug – just like crack. Sure, a crackhead might be out on the streets in the early morning shuffling around in a pair of dirty house slippers looking desperately for … just a tiny rock to get her bump on, but apparently this woman had the caffeine DTs so bad that she ran out of her house wearing that kountry kwilted shoulder bag. Read More | Comment »

10:12AM Tue. Jul. 31, 2012, LuvDoc

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