Up Too Early

Streetview fashion critique from Spyglass and Barton Skyway

12:51PM, Wed. Jun. 27, 2012

Nice save with the purple flats.
Nice save with the purple flats.

What I think I am seeing here is a dress with jeggings. It's never too early in the morning to not wear jeggings with a dress. It's never too cold either. Sad, because those purple flats really compliment the waistline of that dress.

She also seems to have a jean jacket draped across her lap. Nothing like a Canadian tuxedo top to get you through a chilly morning when your boyfriend breaks up with you over his cellphone.

How can you tell she is getting dumped? Because she is wearing jeggings with a dress. Jeggings are only appropriate when you are going to be on a Country Music Television game show and you want your camel toe to really pop. My guess is this girl wasn't on CMT. She might be on meth though. She's really skinny. Good thing she's sitting in front of Taco Deli. They can fatten her up right nice.

LuvDoc fashon index: 6.5 (it was a nice save with the purple flats).

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