The Q&A Hole: Killing a Human?

Here's the latest of our weekly Q&A Hole series, wherein your reporter asks questions of various interesting people around Austin and beyond. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 10:00AM Mon. Jan. 26, Wayne Alan Brenner

Mardi Gras 2015: Carnival Digs

Heading out on the Mardi Gras trail? First things, first: If you don't have a place to crash in a Mardi Gras town or have not yet booked a room, planning can be intimidating. Here are some websites and some hints to help you see what's out there. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Fri. Jan. 23, Kate X Messer

Mardi Gras 2015: Mardi Gai

Gay Mardi Gras is conundrum wrapped in an enigma shrouded in mystery with a side of bafflement sprinkled with bitterness and devil-may-care. It's also a little elusive. Read More | Comment »

9:30AM Wed. Jan. 21, Kate X Messer

Thinking About Sharing the Black Emerald with Your Friends?

There's genre fiction and then there's genre fiction. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 1:00PM Fri. Jan. 16, Wayne Alan Brenner

Mardi Gras 2015: Gather Your Krewe

Hardcore Mardi Gras ballers have already got their itinerary sorted for this year's party. Clock's-a-tickin', but there's still time to make a plan. Welcome to our online special Mardi Gras 2015 series! Read More | Comment »

4:50PM Wed. Jan. 14, Kate X Messer

Bye-Bye, Bearden – Hello, Mac & Joe!

Matt Bearden has been running the Tuesday night PUNCH! showcase of stand-up comedy at Cap City Comedy Club for years. But not any more. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 1:00PM Fri. Jan. 9, Wayne Alan Brenner

The Q&A Hole Returns for Another Year

It's a new year – huzzah! – and here comes a new series of our Q&A Hole feature, wherein your reporter asks questions of various interesting people around Austin and beyond. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 10:00AM Mon. Jan. 5, Wayne Alan Brenner

What's Gonna Happen In 2015?


BRNNR BLG 2:30PM Thu. Jan. 1, Wayne Alan Brenner

Winter Break Reading

The presents are opened, the bellies are overstuffed, and we've exhausted all avenues of chit chat with great uncle Mort. Time to lose ourselves in a book. Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Fri. Dec. 26, 2014, Chronicle staff

Who's Letting You Use a Laser Cutter and a 3-D Printer?

Listen: The lack of access to tools might be what's been holding you back from creating what you want. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 11:30AM Thu. Dec. 4, 2014, Wayne Alan Brenner

OMG! The Grumpy Cat Movie Premieres Tonight!

In a just world, Bryan and Tabatha Bundesen would've turned their little bundle of faux-disdain that the world knows as Grumpy Cat over to David Lynch or Alejandro Jodorowsky and said, "Go for it." Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 11:00AM Sat. Nov. 29, 2014, Wayne Alan Brenner

Anything for La Bamba!

It’s a win-win collaboration made in music heaven: The Historic Scoot Inn and Hermanos de East Austin have rallied together to provide Thanksgiving meals for 100 local families, and they need your help. Read More | Comment »

2:45PM Fri. Nov. 14, 2014, Terry Ornelas Woodroffe

Maybe, In Heaven, All the Toothpicks Taste Like Single Malt Scotch

"Provisions For Men" is how STAG describes what they sell, although I'm guessing that's more a ploy toward attracting customers of any sex or gender seeking a certain classic style of masculinity – of which scotch-flavored toothpicks might be a worthy example of the myriad details pertaining thereunto. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 10:00AM Mon. Nov. 3, 2014, Wayne Alan Brenner

Everybody Has a Secret Life in the Movies

This is a post about something that's part of this weekend's many-splendored Texas Book Festival. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 9:45AM Thu. Oct. 23, 2014, Wayne Alan Brenner

When You Pause the Heart of an Eagle and Can Feel Its Fear

I’ve been getting text messages from the FBI since April of this year. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 10:30AM Wed. Oct. 22, 2014, Wayne Alan Brenner

Some People in Austin Need to STFU

This is your journo Brenner, here, with a brief intro. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 10:00AM Mon. Oct. 20, 2014, Katie Pengra and Wayne Alan Brenner

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