Who's Letting You Use a Laser Cutter and a 3-D Printer?

Listen: The lack of access to tools might be what's been holding you back from creating what you want. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 11:30AM Thu. Dec. 4, Wayne Alan Brenner

OMG! The Grumpy Cat Movie Premieres Tonight!

In a just world, Bryan and Tabatha Bundesen would've turned their little bundle of faux-disdain that the world knows as Grumpy Cat over to David Lynch or Alejandro Jodorowsky and said, "Go for it." Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 11:00AM Sat. Nov. 29, Wayne Alan Brenner

Anything for La Bamba!

It’s a win-win collaboration made in music heaven: The Historic Scoot Inn and Hermanos de East Austin have rallied together to provide Thanksgiving meals for 100 local families, and they need your help. Read More | Comment »

2:45PM Fri. Nov. 14, Terry Ornelas Woodroffe

Maybe, In Heaven, All the Toothpicks Taste Like Single Malt Scotch

"Provisions For Men" is how STAG describes what they sell, although I'm guessing that's more a ploy toward attracting customers of any sex or gender seeking a certain classic style of masculinity – of which scotch-flavored toothpicks might be a worthy example of the myriad details pertaining thereunto. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 10:00AM Mon. Nov. 3, Wayne Alan Brenner

Everybody Has a Secret Life in the Movies

This is a post about something that's part of this weekend's many-splendored Texas Book Festival. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 9:45AM Thu. Oct. 23, Wayne Alan Brenner

When You Pause the Heart of an Eagle and Can Feel Its Fear

I’ve been getting text messages from the FBI since April of this year. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 10:30AM Wed. Oct. 22, Wayne Alan Brenner

Some People in Austin Need to STFU

This is your journo Brenner, here, with a brief intro. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 10:00AM Mon. Oct. 20, Katie Pengra and Wayne Alan Brenner

Doctors After Death, Doctors After Life

People die, right? That's a given. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 6:35PM Tue. Oct. 14, Wayne Alan Brenner

New York Snapshots

Sometimes people – most of them young, in their twenties and thirties, but occasionally someone edging toward the more geezerly side of life – will leave Austin and move to New York City. They’ve heard the call, felt the attraction resonating through decades of American pop culture and friends’ reminiscences, and eventually they make the move. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 10:30AM Mon. Oct. 13, Wayne Alan Brenner

Fables of the Reconstruction

Sometimes the reality of the flesh is more intense than fantasy can bear. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 11:45AM Mon. Sep. 15, Wayne Alan Brenner

Summer Fun: Last Call for Surf Texas

Our 2014 Summer Fun issue, released back in May, caught us rolling in the Texas surf. Let's catch up with some of our favorites from the season. Read More | Comment »

9:45AM Wed. Sep. 3, Nina Hernandez

Summer Fun: Conquering the Coastal Bend

If you're a fan and/or follower of Texas bicycle road rides, there's a good chance Conquer the Coast, the 10-/25-/65-mile ride that happens annually along the Texas Coast is on your radar. The ride happens September 20, only two days before the official last day of summer, and not a bad time to plan a trip to the coast. Read More | Comment »

1:45PM Sat. Aug. 30, Carmen Rising

Sexuality Conference Brings Knowledge & Cuddles in October

Something that Rick Springfield sang about how we all need the human touch, right? Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 5:10PM Wed. Aug. 27

Letters Like You've Never Seen Before

There are some things so cool you just have to tell other people about, and so please dig this. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 1:30PM Thu. Jun. 26, Wayne Alan Brenner

Citywide 86'd: The Finale is Complete! A New Champion Reigns!

That's the news, the part you need to – or maybe already do – know: Ben Schwartz of Uchiko defeated Bradley Nicholson of Barley Swine, Murphy Parks of Searsucker, and Lauren Ortiz of Uchi on the field of culinary honor last night at the finale of this year's hardfought Citywide 86'd. Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 2:25PM Tue. Jun. 17, Wayne Alan Brenner

Summer Fun: A [Revised] Guide to Floating the River

Considering that 50% of my time over the next five months will arguably be spent fully or partially submerged in a spring, lake, river, or pool, I have a lot to share about any number of Austin’s outdoor activities involving water. Read More | Comment »

4:00PM Wed. May. 21, Adrienne Whitehorse

Summer Fun: Obviously, It's Not Summer Without Them…

Each year, we make decisions about the focus of Summer Fun, where to draw the line, etc. We can't include everyone. But that doesn't make the classics any less worthy of our, or more importantly, your attention. Here are 10 perennial hotspots every newly minted and cynical ol' Austinite should know about. But, shhhhh, don't tell anyone… Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Tue. May. 20, David Estlund

Summer Fun: Some Like It Hot Cold & Dreary

Sixties films were wild about sandy frolics starring Gidget, Elvis, Frankie and Annette. None of that beach bunny nonsense for us: When summer hits, we like to snap the shades shut, burrow under blankets, and tuck in with a foul-weather downer of a movie. Read More | Comment »

9:30AM Mon. May. 19, Kimberley Jones

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