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The Q&A Hole: What’s the Most Important Thing in Life?
Yeah, to hell with beating around the bush of values, trying to flush out some speckled grouse of lesser meaning – let’s go right for The Big One in this installment of our weekly question-and-answer series.

8:00AM Tue. Sep. 27, Wayne Alan Brenner Read More | Comment »

The Q&A Hole: How Does Something Get "Overrated"?
Opinions, the saying goes, are like assholes: Anybody who has one, is one. Wait, no, that’s not quite right, is it?

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David Wheeler of Dragon’s Lair Has Been Selling Comics In Austin for 30 Years
Like many things in this world – wars, businesses, families, feuds, civilizations, relentless amounts of Rey/Finn/Poe fanfic – it started because of romance.

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Connecting More Than Dots With Cloud Tree Artist Brian David Johnson
“There’s an idea I’ve been exploring for the last few years,” says Brian David Johnson, “and maybe it’s a bit of a cliche, that we’re all part of one giant connected system and the universe is just this big blanket of energy. Like, we’re not born, we don’t die – we just bubble up out of something and then bubble back down. And that idea brings me a lot of serenity.”

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The Q&A Hole: Why Isn't LSD Legal?
Yes, we're talking about lysergic acid diethylamide here, citizen.

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Steve Rogers Is the Man Who’s Shooting All Those Performers
Look at all the people up against the walls of that elegant coffeeshop downtown, all those images in postersized black-and-white, captured with a Canon EOS 1Dx camera by longtime local lenser Steve Rogers: Human figures as still in their frames as they are mobile onstage.

9:00AM Mon. Sep. 12, Wayne Alan Brenner Read More | Comment »

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Nisi Shawl Is Crossing the Streams of Fantastical Fiction
Malvern Books is a bookstore on 29th Street in Austin, Texas, where you can learn what might have come of Belgium's disastrous colonization of the Congo if the native populations had learned about steam technology a bit earlier.

9:00AM Wed. Sep. 7, Wayne Alan Brenner Read More | Comment »

The Q&A Hole Returns!
So it’s about damned time for this arch investigative series to begin again, to grill a new batch of humans for some tasty intel, and here we are now.

8:00AM Tue. Sep. 6, Wayne Alan Brenner Read More | Comment »

Beer Today, Framed Tomorrow: The Art of the Brew Returns
Anybody tells you that making art isn’t hard work, they probably haven’t made enough art themselves. But then, even artists who are kind of what you might call lackadaisical in their, uh, process – even those slackers could use a swig or five of some fine cold brew at the end of a working day.

8:00AM Wed. Aug. 31, Wayne Alan Brenner Read More | Comment »

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