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July Is Crime Month: Q&A with Meg Gardiner

An Edgar Award winner championed by the likes of Stephen King and Sue Grafton, Meg Gardiner moved to Austin recently, adding star power to our literary scene. With her 12th book, Phantom Instinct, released June 26 (reviewed in our July 4 issue), we called Gardiner to chat about female leads, the King connection, and writing. Read More | Comment »

12:30PM Wed. Jul. 9, Jessi Cape

Unleashing the Fundraising Power of 'Inframan'

Bionic giants! Skeleton ghosts! Demon princesses! And all in a good cause! Tonight the Alamo Village screens Inframan in a special medical fundraiser for local author Stephen Romano, who'll be there to thank everyone for helping him heal. "It's things like this that make me feel normal in the middle of all this crap." Read More | Comment »

5:15PM Wed. Jun. 25, Richard Whittaker

Kickstart Your Weekend: 'The Illustrated Geek Cookbook'

Ever wondered how cook an Arakis sand worm? Or wanted the recipe to make your own nightmarish Christmas pin wheels? Don't worry. Austin cook book author/kitchen nerd Chris-Rachael Oseland, aka the Kitchen Overlord, wants to share her fannish recipes with you. Read More | Comment »

10:11AM Fri. Jun. 13, Richard Whittaker

Fools Rush In

The April Fools Day registration for the annual O. Henry Pun-Off was over almost as quickly as it began. Read More | Comment »

4:55PM Tue. Apr. 1, Monica Riese

Fight to the Death With the Dead Tree Brigade

There's an awful lot of jousting going on in the Austin lit scene, but we have a sneaking suspicion we can all get along in the end. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Wed. Mar. 26, Monica Riese

Viva Lucha Libro

Two of Austin's greatest literary minds are about to go head-to-head for the title of Champion of Austin Letters in a not-to-be-missed Lucha Libro duel. Read More | Comment »

11:57AM Tue. Mar. 25, Monica Riese

Bill Cotter's Parallel Apartments Are Full of Freaks Like You and Me

Bill Cotter's new novel, The Parallel Apartments, should come with one of those Government Warning Labels. Read More | Comment »

1:25PM Mon. Feb. 24, Wayne Alan Brenner

Millions of Americans Are Strange

A Strange Object, you may recall, is one of Austin's finer literary engines – publisher of fierce wordsmithery as often as they can. Read More | Comment »

12:01PM Mon. Feb. 10, Wayne Alan Brenner

Farewell, Neal Barrett Jr.

A sad and somber day for Texas literature: Neal Barrett Jr,, one of the pioneers of slipstream fiction, has passed away at age 84. Read More | Comment »

1:30PM Tue. Jan. 14, Richard Whittaker

The Austin Review's Launch Party Is GO

Shame on us for even mentioning "noms." Read More | Comment »

1:35PM Fri. Jan. 10, Wayne Alan Brenner

Doug Dorst, Part Two: The Coffeehouse Transcript About 'S.' Continues!

… and welcome back to the Doug-Dorst-and-four-other-literary-types-talking-about-S. transcript here in the everbright pixels of your Austin Chronicle. Read More | Comment »

12:01PM Tue. Dec. 10, 2013, Wayne Alan Brenner

'Downton Abbey' Trivia Contest, Book Signing, Tea & Cookies

With season four of Downton Abbey set to resume on PBS January 5, now is the time to brush up on series trivia. Austin Chronicle contributor Melanie Haupt will lead a trivia contest Tuesday, Dec. 10 at the Barnes & Noble in the Arboretum at a tea party that also includes a discussion and signing of her new book. Read More | Comment »

4:30PM Mon. Dec. 9, 2013, Virginia B. Wood

Doug Dorst puts the S. in 'Ship of Theseus' with this JJ Abrams Collaboration

Doug Dorst, author of Alive in Necropolis ( runner-up for the 2008 Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award) and the short-story collection The Surf Guru, will be talking about the intricacies of his newest book at BookPeople tonight. Read More | Comment »

4:15PM Mon. Dec. 9, 2013, Wayne Alan Brenner

Staple! Lives!

Comic fans and connoisseurs of the graphic arts, start filling your 2014 calendar. Austin's own indie media expo Staple! just announced a local mainstay and two rising talents of the alternative circuit as their guest list headliners. Expect undead Archie, time-stopping titillation and supervillains in braces. Read More | Comment »

7:00AM Tue. Dec. 3, 2013, Richard Whittaker

Street Style, Festival Edition

This past weekend, two of the city's most beloved fests did battle for dominance on Congress Avenue: the Texas Book Festival and the Austin Film Festival. Read More | Comment »

3:55PM Mon. Oct. 28, 2013, Amy Gentry

Crawl With the Authors of Your Favorite Books

Of course, because it started in San Francisco, it was called Litquake – and known as "literary mayhem at its finest." Here in the ATX, though, we've got little fear of collectively tumbling into any vast body of water, vague mutterings of the old Balcones Fault notwithstanding, and so this event's called Lit Crawl instead. Read More | Comment »

2:15PM Tue. Oct. 22, 2013, Wayne Alan Brenner

One of Us Asks 'Write a Movie with Us'

Ever wanted to write a film script, but worried you couldn't do it alone? Enter OneofUs.net stage left, with their newest project: Write a Movie with Us. Read More | Comment »

5:35PM Wed. Oct. 16, 2013, Richard Whittaker

Comic Creator Flooded Out

As South Austin mops up and braces for more potential storms, one of the ATX's comic scene's most beloved transplants, 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles is rooting through the drenched debris in his house. Read More | Comment »

1:37PM Sun. Oct. 13, 2013, Richard Whittaker

The Man Behind the Leatherface Mask

Austin may have changed a lot since 1974, when UT student Gunnar Hansen joined a little independent horror film called The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as the hulking butcher Leatherface. One thing stayed the same. He said, "I could go away for the Summer and I could get lost when I got back because they were moving the streets." Read More | Comment »

4:21PM Sat. Sep. 28, 2013, Richard Whittaker

Rob Thomas' Unlikely Route to Young Adult Fiction

“My eyebrows have grown in,” Rob Thomas faux-apologizes as the camera clicks. Read More | Comment »

11:00AM Thu. Sep. 26, 2013, Amy Gentry

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