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Blind Your Kids With Library Science

One-for-one program sends educational books to local schools

By Monica Riese, 9:39AM, Mon. Jun. 24, 2013

From the Super Smart Science Series
From the Super Smart Science Series

Local authorApril Chloe Terrazas got in touch late last week to tell us about a cool way to get local kiddos to learn more about science both at home and in schools.

The Super Smart Science Series is a collection of books – there'll be 20 in the first round – aimed at putting complex scientific topics like biology and neurology into simple words and pictures for young readers – and hey, sometimes that's just as valuable for grownups as for the smaller set. (For those of you on Reddit, consider it the local incarnation of the Explain Like I'm Five subreddit.)

That's already a pretty handy book collection to get in on, but through a little bit of math, Terrazas sweetens the deal: Crazy Brainz Publishing now has a one-for-one deal set up such that for every book purchased from the series, another copy will be donated to an Austin school, library, or family in need.

Two for the price of one? That's not rocket science.

Find out more about the series at www.crazy-brainz.com.

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