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Registration O-pun for O. Henry Pun-Off

Contest set for May 18

By Monica Riese, 12:17PM, Tue. Apr. 16, 2013

Registration O-pun for O. Henry Pun-Off
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Confession: I sat working on this post for longer than I'd care to admit. It's a lot of pressure writing about puns, after all! But here's the best I can do from my little cubicle (you might call it a writer's block).

I was a little blind-sided when I realized I had such a tiny window of opportunity to get the news out about the O. Henry Pun-Off registration being open as of today. If I didn't get something up quickly, though, it'd be curtains for me.

OK, so the post was a must, but how to go about it? Do you cater to the folk who'll chuckle at egg-cellent word play or side with those who consider it a fowl use of language? Maybe the post itself is just a farm-ality, and people just need to know where to swine up.

Here's the drill: Head over to the event website, hammer out the entry form, and – the most important bit – hope you're one of the first 32 to sign up. Don't worry if you get bumped to stand-by though; it doesn't mean you're a screw-up. Final event details will be nailed down soon.

Want to Scope out the competition? Brush up on your best material by watching some of the old contestants, then take Aim and get ready to smile for your close-up.

Registration for the O. Henry Pun-Off is open now, though the initial 32 spots are almost full. The event will be held Saturday, May 18, at Brush Square Park (Fourth & Trinity). The author apologizes for any injuries caused by excessive groaning.

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