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BookPeople Hops on the Blogging Train

BookPeople starts a blog

By Kimberley Jones, 4:37PM, Fri. Sep. 12, 2008

Our friends at BookPeople shot me an e-mail this week letting me know that they've joined the blogging fray. Looking it over this afternoon, I was reminded again that one of the great things about that beloved Austin institution is how informed, how well-read, and how passionate their staff is.

Slight (but illustrative) tangent: A couple of years back and out of geographical proximity/sheer laziness, I went to a Local Chain Bookstore That Shall Not Be Named to try to get a copy of Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures, which is in fact not a self-help guide but rather is a memoir about U.N. aid workers sent to the war zones of the world. But the staff of Local Chain Bookstore didn't know what I was talking about and spent about 10 minutes loudly asking each other, "Hey, this lady's looking for Emergency Sex. You know where she can find it?" I went to BookPeople – and of course they knew what I was talking about, and they knew how I could get my hands on it, too.

You can check out their blog here.

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