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Just Cos

If Bill Cosby has an interview agenda, it’s you. He counts on you for material, so he’s just as likely to turn the queries back on you. Read More | Comment »

Jokers Wild 10:30AM Wed. Mar. 5, Raoul Hernandez

Focus on Larry Fink

Larry Fink's work speaks for itself, but last Friday night the famed photographer was more than happy to do the talking. As the latest Icon of Photography in the Austin Center for Photography ongoing lecture series, Fink delighted the crowd with stories that spanned a half century and ideas that show he is as scrappy as ever. Read More | Comment »

Frame Up 2:30PM Tue. Mar. 4, Rod Machen

Your Menuhin Winners

The bows have been put away, the violins returned to their cases, and their owners dispersed to the far corners of the globe. But before they left, the 42 young virtuosos competing in the 2014 Menuhin Competition treated Austin to some extraordinary music over 10 days, and two ultimately earned First Prize honors in the Junior and Senior divisions. Read More | Comment »

Show Bidness 10:00AM Tue. Mar. 4, Robert Faires


A director departs and a festival returns in this edition of News/Print. Read More | Comment »

News/Print 1:02PM Sat. Mar. 1, Monica Riese

Reading to Celebrate All Year

This last day of February marks the conclusion of Black History Month, but hopefully the celebration of some of our country’s best writers will continue throughout the year. Read More | Comment »

Fiction 3:42PM Fri. Feb. 28, Jessi Cape

Lily Tomlin, Citizen of Austin

For Lily Tomlin, who appears at the Paramount Theatre on Friday, a trip to Austin is practically a homecoming. In the Eighties, she did an extended run of her first stage success and workshopped her second; bonded with Ann Richards and Liz Carpenter, both of whom shared her birthday; and even bought some land on the Pedernales. Read More | Comment »

Limelight 1:20PM Thu. Feb. 27, Robert Faires

From the Vaults: Audra McDonald Interview

One of the most eagerly awaited events on last fall's arts calendar was Audra McDonald's concert in Dell Hall. Alas, illness forced an 11th-hour cancellation, but the performer has managed to reschedule the visit within four months. With McDonald at last lighting up the Long Center on Tuesday, here's a rerun of our interview with her from October. Read More | Comment »

Limelight 2:50PM Mon. Feb. 24, Robert Faires

Bill Cotter's Parallel Apartments Are Full of Freaks Like You and Me

Bill Cotter's new novel, The Parallel Apartments, should come with one of those Government Warning Labels. Read More | Comment »

Local Literati 1:25PM Mon. Feb. 24, Wayne Alan Brenner

Obama to Art Historian: My Bad

Art historians of the nation, you can hold your heads high again. One of your own – Ann Collins Johns, a professor at the University of Texas – had your back when President Obama took what sounded like a rhetorical potshot at the profession in a recent speech, and her response earned a handwritten apology from the commander-in-chief. Read More | Comment »

Frame Up 4:45PM Thu. Feb. 20, Robert Faires

Four Comedians Walk Into a Barbershop

We already know that any stand-up by Mac Blake and Matt Bearden is likely to be among the funniest shit we've heard in months. And we were laughing our asses off when we caught John Buseman at last year's Funniest Person In Austin contest. Read More | Comment »

Jokers Wild 3:25PM Thu. Feb. 20, Wayne Alan Brenner

Review: The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart

The warm glow spreading throughout your frame may be from the free shot of Scotch you downed – compliments the National Theatre of Scotland – but truth to tell, you'd feel it without the hooch after The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart. This lively tall tale, told with music, wit, and wily storytelling, kindles a bonnie cheerful fire inside. Read More | Comment »

Shows to Go Ya 6:53PM Sat. Feb. 15, Robert Faires

Clay Towery, R.I.P.

Clay Towery was a theater guy. Read More | Comment »

Show Bidness 1:15PM Fri. Feb. 14, Wayne Alan Brenner

Help the Vortex Shine On

Twenty-five years is long enough in a human's lifetime, but in a theatre lighting system's, it's Methuseluh territory. So the Vortex Repertory Company – which just hit the quarter-century milestone – isn't making light when it says it needs new illumination. And the Kickstarter campaign it's holding to pay for it ends on Valentine's Day. Read More | Comment »

Show Bidness 4:00PM Thu. Feb. 13, Robert Faires

Millions of Americans Are Strange

A Strange Object, you may recall, is one of Austin's finer literary engines – publisher of fierce wordsmithery as often as they can. Read More | Comment »

Local Literati 12:01PM Mon. Feb. 10, Wayne Alan Brenner

Venture Into a 'Wildwood'

With their newest novel, Wildwood Imperium, recently released, Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis welcomed a large crowd of excited kids – and not a few bearded hipsters – to BookPeople Wednesday night for a reading and remembrance of things past. Read More | Comment »

Readings 9:06AM Mon. Feb. 10, Rod Machen

Is Austin Too Cold For Artist Tim Doyle?

Yeah-yeah-yeah, the fabled City by the Bay, and so on and so forth, probably not half as cold as the ATX is right now, yadda-yadda. Read More | Comment »

Limelight 12:50PM Thu. Feb. 6, Wayne Alan Brenner

Even If You Think You Wouldn't Like A Comic Book Called 'Monsters!'

Listen: This new book's humor is more gut-busting than a punch in the belly from the fist of Gojira. Read More | Comment »

Graphic Novels 3:00PM Wed. Feb. 5, Wayne Alan Brenner

Austin's Rubber Repertory Wins National Arts Entrepreneurship Award

Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope, ladies and gentlemen: The co-directors of Rubber Repertory. Read More | Comment »

Limelight 12:10PM Tue. Feb. 4, Wayne Alan Brenner

FronteraFest Review: 'Iced Tea in Texas'

British ex-pat Bernadette Nason, frequent star of local stages and sterling storyteller, brings the latest of her tea-spiced monologues to the FronteraFest Long Fringe, this one a tale of moving to America – to Texas – to Austin – and experiencing culture shocks she thought she’d grown immune to during her stints in the Middle East. Read More | Comment »

Shows to Go Ya 12:24PM Sat. Feb. 1, Wayne Alan Brenner

Loss and Grief and the 'Widdahood'

Loss and grief: two of the most unwilling partners in life. And often overwhelming at a certain point. At nearly 60, I lose friends regularly. Sometimes those friends have grown children who are also friends, and the grief doubles: When someone I know has died, that’s one loss. When the parent of a friend has died, that’s two losses. Read More | Comment »

Readings 3:15PM Fri. Jan. 31, Margaret Moser

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