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'Crazy Carl and His Man-Boobs' Premieres April 1

Between Leslie and Kinky and the thong-wearing unicyclist, you'd think we'd have hit our quota, but the truth is, Austin has never been short on peculiar personalities. Read More | Comment »

1:05PM Mon. Mar. 24, Monica Riese

High School Thesps Earn More Than Applause

More than 100 high schoolers from across the area packed into the Long Center's Rollins Theatre, some having driven 40 miles before dawn to make the big announcement at 7am. That's how jazzed these teen thespians were about the nominations for the first Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards. Read More | Comment »

6:05PM Fri. Mar. 21, Robert Faires

Lily Tomlin, Citizen of Austin

For Lily Tomlin, who appears at the Paramount Theatre on Friday, a trip to Austin is practically a homecoming. In the Eighties, she did an extended run of her first stage success and workshopped her second; bonded with Ann Richards and Liz Carpenter, both of whom shared her birthday; and even bought some land on the Pedernales. Read More | Comment »

1:20PM Thu. Feb. 27, Robert Faires

From the Vaults: Audra McDonald Interview

One of the most eagerly awaited events on last fall's arts calendar was Audra McDonald's concert in Dell Hall. Alas, illness forced an 11th-hour cancellation, but the performer has managed to reschedule the visit within four months. With McDonald at last lighting up the Long Center on Tuesday, here's a rerun of our interview with her from October. Read More | Comment »

2:50PM Mon. Feb. 24, Robert Faires

Is Austin Too Cold For Artist Tim Doyle?

Yeah-yeah-yeah, the fabled City by the Bay, and so on and so forth, probably not half as cold as the ATX is right now, yadda-yadda. Read More | Comment »

12:50PM Thu. Feb. 6, Wayne Alan Brenner

Austin's Rubber Repertory Wins National Arts Entrepreneurship Award

Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope, ladies and gentlemen: The co-directors of Rubber Repertory. Read More | Comment »

12:10PM Tue. Feb. 4, Wayne Alan Brenner

Free Rangin' Excitement

Gelato flavors inspired by concepts in contemporary art. The DJ who gave too much information. A play composed only of texts sent to you over six months. A musical work scored for a weaver at a loom, a DJ, an accordionist, and 50 violinists who have never played the violin. A Frito pie tour. These wonders and more are coming in the 2014 Fusebox Festival. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Thu. Jan. 30, Robert Faires

The Q&A Hole: What's the Best Thing They Got for Christmas?

Yes: Thing. Because, sure, it's all about "the reason for the season," whichever holiday you celebrate. Whether it's Christmas or Kwanzaa or Pikamas' Birthday or whatever, yes, it's all about love and hope and goodwill and yadda-yadda-yadda. Read More | Comment »

11:42AM Wed. Jan. 1, Wayne Alan Brenner

Brighten Your New Year With the Jigglewatts

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. For most of us, it's candy and stuffing. For the Jigglewatts, each holiday another reason to break out the sparklies and sheddables. With New Year's Eve imminent, Austin's leading burlesque troupe is getting ready to send 2013 out with quite a bang. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Fri. Dec. 27, 2013, Richard Whittaker

Avant Glam Breaks Out the Mistletoe

Move over, Rockettes. Austin's queen of nouveau burlesque, Sassy Delure, and her long-time partner-in-grind Roxie Moxie have decided to celebrate the holiday season the only way they know how: With a special celebration of unwrapping courtesy of Avant Glam. Read More | Comment »

3:08PM Sat. Dec. 21, 2013, Richard Whittaker

Brenner's Top 5 Interviews of 2013

Eight local chefs. Two local actresses. The "Jeopardy!" champion. The owners of Tardar Sauce AKA Grumpy Cat. And a superstar astrophysicist. Read More | Comment »

11:00AM Tue. Dec. 17, 2013, Wayne Alan Brenner

You're Listening to Radiolab – and Watching It, Too

"Beginning at the beginning? That's for wussies." Read More | Comment »

9:30AM Wed. Nov. 6, 2013, Monica Riese

Punk Plays Nice and Writes a Symphony

To possess even one artistic bone or whiff of rebellious means of achieving something outside life's neatly drawn box of restrictions is simply to exist truthfully. Read More | Comment »

4:30PM Tue. Nov. 5, 2013, Jessi Cape

Better All the Time

You may think Barbara Cook hit the heights musically on Broadway in the Golden Age of Musicals, but the original Cunegonde in Candide, Marian the librarian in The Music Man, and Amalia in She Loves Me begs to differ. This stage treasure, performing at Bass tonight, insists she's a better singer today than she was five years ago. Read More | Comment »

12:50PM Thu. Sep. 19, 2013, Robert Faires

Avant Glam Into the Future

When burlesque siren Sassy Delure put out the call that she was putting a new troupe together, she knew they'd grab their sequins and come a'runnin to form Avant Glam Cabaret. But it wasn't a sudden urge that made Delure want to get the gang together for the first time. Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Thu. Aug. 8, 2013, Richard Whittaker

Getting Hotter Than Hell at the Stateside

As the saying goes, drop yer linen and start yer grinning. For the first time in six decades, there's going to be burlesque on the Stateside Theatre stage this weekend. Read More | Comment »

6:00AM Sat. Jul. 27, 2013, Richard Whittaker

Bombshell Incoming

Last fall, Zach booked musical theatre legend Bernadette Peters to bless the Topfer Theatre with its first performance. Now, for the launch of its new TOP Concerts series tonight, the theatre has recruited Peters' screen daughter on the TV series Smash and musical theatre legend in the making Megan Hilty to do the honors. Read More | Comment »

1:15PM Tue. Jun. 18, 2013, Robert Faires

David Lindsay-Abaire: The Interview

Tonight is your last chance to see the Different Stages production of David Lindsay-Abaire's Good People, the most produced play in the U.S. now. It was a departure for the writer: the first time he's written about his South Boston neighborhood. Read More | Comment »

5:30PM Sat. May. 11, 2013, Robert Faires

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