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Doug Benson's Total Scam of a Life

Comedian and Super High Me star Doug Benson should be God to every poor soul disenchanted with his job. His 27 years of doing stand-up have begat six full-length comedy albums and a life where the lines between profession and passion have blurred into a Magic Eye canvas of food, film, and fatties – that’s marijuana cigarettes, Cochise. Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Wed. Jul. 2, Russ Espinoza

Fun Fun Fun Fest Comedy Lineup Revealed

Tabbed as the comedy hub throughout the expanse of Nov. 7-9’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, the festival’s Yellow Stage has expanded lately into a one-stop catch-all for a variety of differing oddities. This year’s cull proves no different, with entities like air sex championships and a dating show intermingling amongst spoken word showings and traditional comedy. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Tue. Jul. 1, Chase Hoffberger

Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival

Comedy history was made a little ways out yonder last August 23 when the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival made its debut before a full house at the Austin360 Amphitheatre. Festival organizers just announced the 2014 tour schedule and lineup, and Austin was awarded a seat at the table again – this time as the tour’s final engagement on Sept. 21. Read More | Comment »

2:20PM Thu. Jun. 26, Russ Espinoza

Review: Jimmy Pardo

It must be hard enough going through life as a moron, but why oh why place yourself front-row-center – and therefore in the crosshairs – of a consummate “crowd-work” comedian like Jimmy Pardo? Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Wed. Jun. 25, Russ Espinoza

Kat Roast: A Beneficial Beatdown

Who's a-muggin'? Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Thu. May. 15, Wayne Alan Brenner

Chris Tellez Says: "Shit's Golden!"

And Tellez should know, because he's been wrangling stand-up comics at this monthly New Movement gig for two years now. Read More | Comment »

11:10AM Sun. May. 11, Wayne Alan Brenner

Moontower 2014, Day 3: Marc Maron

Although his current late-blooming career surge was sparked by the popularity of his interview podcast WTF and its spinoff IFC sitcom Maron, the true medium of veteran comic's-comic Marc Maron has always been the live stage. Read More | Comment »

11:30AM Mon. Apr. 28, Scott Schinder

Moontower 2014, Day 4: Fred Armisen

There are those who like to tear down James Franco for being “Mr. Everything.” If that’s a fair descriptor, then Fred Armisen – actor, writer, producer, director, singer/musician, voice actor, master impressionist, and comedian – is “Mr. Vice-Everything.” Read More | Comment »

10:40AM Mon. Apr. 28, Russ Espinoza

Moontower 2014, Day 4: She Bang

Last night Dana Gould hosted the final installment of She Bang, an (otherwise) all-lady showcase at Moontower. Fun fact: Gould also performed Thursday night with Four Eyes, a showcase of all glasses-wearing comics. Guess it’s probably safe to say, he’s funny… for a girl… or for a guy who wears glasses. Read More | Comment »

5:00PM Sun. Apr. 27, Ashley Moreno

Moontower 2014, Day 4: Sklar Brothers

Everyone waiting inside the Stateside Theatre on Saturday night seemed to be talking about one thing – they couldn't wait to see the Sklar Brothers – again. Many had seen them earlier in the week at Speakeasy, or at the Pongrock Smack Down earlier in the day, or had heard their podcast, Sklarbro Country, and they were back for Sklartacular. Read More | Comment »

4:00PM Sun. Apr. 27, Anne Harris

Moontower 2014, Day 3: Mike Birbiglia

Mike Birbiglia's successful longform pieces Sleepwalk With Me and My Girlfriend's Boyfriend showcased the gifted standup and NPR darling's storytelling skills, as well as his knack for merging his wide-eyed-everyman stage presence with darker autobiographical content. Read More | Comment »

3:08PM Sun. Apr. 27, Scott Schinder

Moontower 2014, Day 2: Dennis Miller

And now for something a little different from the front line of this week’s Moontower Festival. Dennis Miller, the SNL alum and snarky “Weekend Update” anchor whom the smarting left still lambasts as a turncoat-turned-Fox-News-gasbag, performed at the Paramount Theatre last night to a room of thoroughly satisfied idolaters. Read More | Comment »

2:24PM Fri. Apr. 25, Russ Espinoza

Moontower 2014, Day 2: Bobcat Goldthwait

Functional magnetic resonance imaging shows us that areas of the brain "light up" when responding to or making jokes. When making a joke, the brain scans itself for a laugh. After an hour with comic Bobcat Goldthwait in the intimate setting of the Stateside at the Paramount, the brain is barely blinking from the workout. Read More | Comment »

1:30PM Fri. Apr. 25, Anne Harris

Moontower 2014, Day 1: Demetri Martin

Last night headliner Demetri Martin and opener Levi MacDougall kicked off the Paramount’s 2014 Moontower shows with two hours of hard-hitting jokes about cheese, birdwatching, and punctuation – pushing Austin’s envelope well past 8:30pm. Some of your co-workers probably look pretty rough this morning. Read More | Comment »

4:00PM Thu. Apr. 24, Ashley Moreno

Kat Fight

The most trying week of Kat Ramzinski’s life began Sunday night, shortly after 9:30pm, when the local comedian stepped out of her Northeast Austin home to walk to the H-E-B on the corner of 183 and Manor Road so that she could buy some ibuprofen for a toothache. Read More | Comment »

12:35PM Thu. Apr. 24, Chase Hoffberger

Moontower Comedy: Jen Kober

Watch out, Austin, and lock up your daughters. Or your moms. Louisiana-bred comedian Jen Kober is in town for the Moontower Comedy Festival, and she's loaded with chewy SweetTarts. Read More | Comment »

4:45PM Wed. Apr. 23, Kate X Messer

Moontower 2014, Day 1: Local Laughs

Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival features tons of great comedians from all over. But as you pick shows, don’t forget great hometown comics, like 2013 Funniest Person in Austin and Mascot Wedding co-host, Mac Blake, and 2014 FPIA hopeful and co-host of Sure Thing, Brendan K. O’Grady. Read More | Comment »

4:05PM Wed. Apr. 23, Ashley Moreno

More Aziz, Please

The Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival kicked off last Friday night with comedian Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation) killing it at Bass Concert Hall in what might be the most crushed velvet that stage sees this year. Strangely, there was no coconut water, though. Read More | Comment »

5:35PM Mon. Apr. 21, Ashley Moreno

Moontower 3 Schedules Its Jokers

Get out your date-books, timetables, and city maps, so you can start calculating how to maximize your laugh allowance the last weekend in April. The Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival has released the full schedule for its four-day feast of funny. Read More | Comment »

12:51PM Wed. Mar. 26, Robert Faires

SXSW Interview: Jim Breuer

You may not have heard any gut-busting bleating noises from “Goat Boy” on the national airwaves since the late Nineties, but comedian and former SNL cast member Jim Breuer hasn’t been eating tin cans since he left the show in 1998 and co-starred with Dave Chappelle in the stoner-comedy classic Half Baked that year. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Fri. Mar. 14, Russ Espinoza

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