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SXSW Comedy: Your 2015 Lineup

Laugh lovers who have been holding their breaths waiting to hear who'll be at SXSW Comedy this year can exhale. The 2015 lineup is out and includes Amy Schumer, Upright Citizens Brigade, W. Kamau Bell, Dan Harmon, and more Saturday Night Live writers and players than you can shake Don Pardo at. Read More | Comment »

2:30PM Mon. Feb. 23, Robert Faires

Of Course You Know 101 Ways to Use a Unicorn, Right?

Here’s a book that’s a lot funnier and lovelier than you might suspect it would be. Read More | Comment »

1:45PM Thu. Feb. 5, Wayne Alan Brenner

First Plates Extra Helpings: Small You Care to Eat

The tropes of modern culinary excess, skewered like God's own shish kebab? Read More | Comment »

1:00PM Tue. Feb. 3, Wayne Alan Brenner

Welcome Back, Neighbor

The mirth-making masterminds of Austin Sketch Fest may already consider the 2015 edition of the scripted-comedy celebration to be their "Lucky 7th." That's because they've scored a major group to headline: Good Neighbor, the popular troupe whose members all work now for Saturday Night Live. Read More | Comment »

3:50PM Wed. Jan. 28, Robert Faires

Patton Oswalt, Ron White, Tim Minchin join the party in 2015

Top Comics Announced for Moontower 4

Oswalt. Sykes. Bamford. Maron. Minchin. Mulaney. Miller & Holmes. And the biggest, baddest "Tater" in Texas, Ron White. Ladies and gentlemen, and laugh lovers of all ages, meet your Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival headliners for 2015. Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Tue. Jan. 20, Robert Faires

Bye-Bye, Bearden – Hello, Mac & Joe!

Matt Bearden has been running the Tuesday night PUNCH! showcase of stand-up comedy at Cap City Comedy Club for years. But not any more. Read More | Comment »

1:00PM Fri. Jan. 9, Wayne Alan Brenner

Broad City Limits

Broad City, on Comedy Central, has caught on for a reason – make that reasons: the well­-written scripts; the outrageous yet believable scenarios that friends ­­Abbi and Ilana get themselves into; and the many other characters that add to Broad City's lol­worthy world. Read More | Comment »

4:30PM Wed. Nov. 19, 2014, Elijah Watson

Always Be Chloe-sing

"Dammit, Chloe!" Whenever Jack Bauer uttered that phrase on 24 – which was often – it meant go-time for the easily irritated, eye-rolling IT savant played by Mary Lynn Rajskub … and fun for everyone watching. Chloe became a fan favorite, and now her popularity is luring viewers into comedy clubs to see Rajskub do stand-up. Read More | Comment »

4:50PM Wed. Nov. 12, 2014, Robert Faires

Some People in Austin Need to STFU

This is your journo Brenner, here, with a brief intro. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Mon. Oct. 20, 2014, Katie Pengra and Wayne Alan Brenner

What Food Goes Well With Comedy?

Jim Gaffigan has a reputation as a "clean" comic, but is he really that spotless? The Chronicle gets the popular stand-up, who returns to Austin on Oct. 23, to come clean on his cleanliness. And there's a continuation of the discussion about food begun here, inspired by the release of his new book, Food: A Love Story. Read More | Comment »

12:30PM Fri. Oct. 17, 2014, Russ Espinoza

Best Year of Her Life

In simpler times, comedian Tig Notaro was compelled to jest on the subjects of Mexican “Do Not Disturb” signs and her sequence of chance encounters with ephemeral Eighties pop star Taylor Dane. Those bits highlighted her quirky debut comedy album, Good One, from 2011. Read More | Comment »

5:15PM Tue. Oct. 14, 2014, Russ Espinoza

Review: Oddball Comedy Festival

For those lucky or zealous enough to have attended both Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival shows at the Austin360 Amphitheatre over the last 13 months, the difference between 2013’s inaugural show (the first in the festival’s history) and Sunday’s finale of the 2014 tour must have felt rather profound. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Wed. Sep. 24, 2014, Russ Espinoza

'Joan Thinks I'm Funny, So I Better Keep Going'

Reflective of the unilaterally macho world of stand-up, this year’s Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival is spare in the estrogen column. Out of 25 total comics who have contributed to this year’s 20-date tour, just three – Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, and Whitney Cummings – can call Venus their ancestral home. Read More | Comment »

12:16PM Fri. Sep. 19, 2014, Russ Espinoza

Return to the Hipster Alamo

When festival organizers Funny or Die announced a stacked lineup for this year’s 20-date Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival, one name in the pantheon of elite comics stood out as the proverbial square peg: Marc Maron. After all, he's best known for wallowing in intimate confines, not bellowing in cavernous concert halls. Read More | Comment »

12:01AM Thu. Sep. 18, 2014, Russ Espinoza

Doug Benson's Total Scam of a Life

Comedian and Super High Me star Doug Benson should be God to every poor soul disenchanted with his job. His 27 years of doing stand-up have begat six full-length comedy albums and a life where the lines between profession and passion have blurred into a Magic Eye canvas of food, film, and fatties – that’s marijuana cigarettes, Cochise. Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Wed. Jul. 2, 2014, Russ Espinoza

Fun Fun Fun Fest Comedy Lineup Revealed

Tabbed as the comedy hub throughout the expanse of Nov. 7-9’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, the festival’s Yellow Stage has expanded lately into a one-stop catch-all for a variety of differing oddities. This year’s cull proves no different, with entities like air sex championships and a dating show intermingling amongst spoken word showings and traditional comedy. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Tue. Jul. 1, 2014, Chase Hoffberger

Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival

Comedy history was made a little ways out yonder last August 23 when the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival made its debut before a full house at the Austin360 Amphitheatre. Festival organizers just announced the 2014 tour schedule and lineup, and Austin was awarded a seat at the table again – this time as the tour’s final engagement on Sept. 21. Read More | Comment »

2:20PM Thu. Jun. 26, 2014, Russ Espinoza

Review: Jimmy Pardo

It must be hard enough going through life as a moron, but why oh why place yourself front-row-center – and therefore in the crosshairs – of a consummate “crowd-work” comedian like Jimmy Pardo? Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Wed. Jun. 25, 2014, Russ Espinoza

Kat Roast: A Beneficial Beatdown

Who's a-muggin'? Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Thu. May. 15, 2014, Wayne Alan Brenner

Chris Tellez Says: "Shit's Golden!"

And Tellez should know, because he's been wrangling stand-up comics at this monthly New Movement gig for two years now. Read More | Comment »

11:10AM Sun. May. 11, 2014, Wayne Alan Brenner

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