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MondoCon Unleashes Loaded Lineup

Just set up your line of credit now. MondoCon, the first convention dedicated to graphically inclined film fanatics at print mavens Mondo, has just announced its 2014 programming, plus the first poster for the Austin art crew from Alex Ross Read More | Comment »

12:05PM Thu. Aug. 21, Richard Whittaker

Link & Pin's Newest Exhibition Soars on Digital Wings

You know how easy it is to do so many things badly, of course: We all know that. Read More | Comment »

4:45PM Tue. Aug. 5, Wayne Alan Brenner

Shane and Sara Scribner: 'A Place Beyond'

Here’s an exhibition that you’ll really like to see in person, because the figurative work – in oils on panel – is the sort of excellence that makes people shake their head in wonder: How do these artists do it? How do they take a bunch of wet pigments and render images of near-photographic precision? Read More | Comment »

2:30PM Tue. Jul. 22, Wayne Alan Brenner

Weekend Tip: Queens of Cattle

Before androgynous hipsters became Austin's herd du jour, fearless frontier blazing Texas women broke gender norms way back during the 19th century cattle boom. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Fri. Jul. 18, Carmen Rising

Mondo Gets Charitable

What worth has art if it doesn't improve the world? That's a question Mondo Gallery is answering by coming together with charity Mobile Loaves and Fishes for a new show featuring 40 works from artists in Austin's homeless community. Read More | Comment »

1:30PM Tue. Jul. 1, Richard Whittaker

Letters Like You've Never Seen Before

There are some things so cool you just have to tell other people about, and so please dig this. Read More | Comment »

1:30PM Thu. Jun. 26, Wayne Alan Brenner

"Pillow" Talk

Terri Thomas' solo exhibition "Pillow Book as Inheritance" is challenging for many viewers, punter and scenester alike, though perhaps for different reasons. That inspired me to speak with the artist about the show. The interview began as informal conversation followed by elaboration and clarification over email. Read More | Comment »

10:45AM Thu. Jun. 5, Seth Orion Schwaiger

Mondo Con Is Go!

Hey Mondo! Back in January, the local print mavens announced they will be holding their first convention this fall. Now they have confirmed that, on Sept. 20-21, Mondo Con will host some of the greatest names in horror, genre, and pop culture art working today. Read More | Comment »

1:00PM Mon. Jun. 2, Richard Whittaker

Art Review: 'Blog Reblog'

What is "Blog Reblog"? A gallery show? An event? A comment on our modern forms of photographic dissemination? I suppose it’s all of those, but for lovers of contemporary photography, it’s worth a trip to the Big Medium galleries. Read More | Comment »

3:22PM Wed. May. 28, Rod Machen

No, No, They're Not Just Slimy Lizards

Yes, salamanders: The creatures that Austin citizens, ah, leveraged the synergy of during the struggle to keep Barton Springs safe from various developer-based program activities. Read More | Comment »

2:45PM Thu. May. 22, Wayne Alan Brenner

Summer Fun: Texas Surf, Turf, and Tequila

There ain’t no party like a Texas Surf party, ’cause a Texas Surf party don’t stop – at least, not until its attendees are full on surf & turf, tequila, and exquisite black & white photo mementos from the Texas Gulf Coast. Read More | Comment »

11:45AM Tue. May. 13, Lizzie Jespersen

Pedaling Art

Take your standard diamond frame bicycle, be it fixie, BMX, or full-gear. Two pedals, a chain, one handlebar, the seat. Only thing you can switch up is the sizes. Right? Wrong! According to Charles Youel, there exist a million different ways to scheme up a signature cycle – at least in the form of screen printings as poster art. Read More | Comment »

12:30PM Fri. Apr. 25, Chase Hoffberger

Mondo Presents Marvelous Munchkins

If Mondo artist Mike Mitchell has a superpower, it's the ability to create solo shows without sunlight or nutrition. All he needs is a good night's rest. "That's the one thing I do. I don't eat as much, I don't do as much, I just work and sleep." Read More | Comment »

12:00PM Wed. Apr. 23, Richard Whittaker

Fusebox Festival: Sewn on the Street

Can you stitch up a garment in the same amount of time as the average sweatshop worker? Find out at the Fusebox Festival's Machine Shop Series as textile artists Monika Jakubiak of Warsaw, Poland, and Rebecca Layton of Austin invite you to take a seat in their pop-up sweatshop and make garments on the spot. Read More | Comment »

3:32PM Tue. Apr. 15, Anne Harris

Give Me Those Nice, Bright Colors

Many consider the arrival of William Eggleston's Guide to be the beginning of color photography, including – at least initially – John Rohrbach. But the senior curator of photographs at Ft. Worth's Amon Carter Museum revealed the hidden history of color photography in a talk at the Contemporary Austin on March 20. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Fri. Mar. 28, Rod Machen

Closed Shutter

After five years, the Austin Center for Photography is closing up shop. Citing economic conditions and financial woes, the organization will cease to exist after finishing its final slate of events later this year. Read More | Comment »

4:45PM Wed. Mar. 19, Rod Machen

Focus on Larry Fink

Larry Fink's work speaks for itself, but last Friday night the famed photographer was more than happy to do the talking. As the latest Icon of Photography in the Austin Center for Photography ongoing lecture series, Fink delighted the crowd with stories that spanned a half century and ideas that show he is as scrappy as ever. Read More | Comment »

2:30PM Tue. Mar. 4, Rod Machen

Obama to Art Historian: My Bad

Art historians of the nation, you can hold your heads high again. One of your own – Ann Collins Johns, a professor at the University of Texas – had your back when President Obama took what sounded like a rhetorical potshot at the profession in a recent speech, and her response earned a handwritten apology from the commander-in-chief. Read More | Comment »

4:45PM Thu. Feb. 20, Robert Faires

Presidential Losers on Parade!

Looks like we do still have Dick Nixon to kick around some more, after all. Read More | Comment »

3:10PM Fri. Jan. 24, Wayne Alan Brenner

Janis Fowler: Opening at Hops & Grain

Kanye West, in his trademark sunglasses and a background of Van Gogh inspired swirls, is next to Eminem, who is looking thoughtful with his middle finger resting under his chin. Hung along the wall is Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Missy Elliot, and Jay-Z. They’re part of Janis Fowler’s Rap Royalty series. Read More | Comment »

1:00PM Fri. Jan. 24, Claire Gordon

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