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Right Cheer, Right Now: Staging a Comedy of Competitive Cheerleading

Tapping Kickstarter for a little help with the pom-pons

By Wayne Alan Brenner, 4:55PM, Wed. Apr. 24, 2013

There might be blood …
There might be blood …
photo by Jon Bolden

All for some wild winner-take-all shenanigans, stand up and holler!

Holler at Kickstarter, that is, where you can help fund Blood, Sweat, and Cheers, the kinetic and color-coordinated spectacle currently rehearsing itself toward a right-before-summer staging at Salvage Vanguard Theatre.

But, full disclosure, note that the main scripters for this new comedy are also freelance writers who've logged a few stories here at ye olde Austin Chronicle: Amy Gentry, who's covered the arts and literary scenes at great length for a while now, and Kaci Beeler, who wrote (and served as cover model for) last December's story about the pole-dancing classes at Brass Ovaries.

But further note that, truth be told, we're mentioning this project in particular because it's kicking our overly couch-friendly ass every time we think about it. Because its genesis is in the childhood career of Austin's Halyn Erickson – former nationally ranked, award-winning competitive cheerleader – who's gathered a team of local improvisers and theatre professionals and athletes from Austin Cheer Factory to bring the struggle and the glory of the … sport? … activity? … choreographed battle-frenzy, let's call it, into a narrative and fully physical entertainment.

And we really want to see this thing done up right.

And so we're giving y'all a head's-up here – in case you're wanting to see it done up right, too.

(Or maybe you just want to reap rewards like a custom-designed cheer delivered, live, to some party you're throwing? Or maybe you want a batch of treats from Scissortail Savories & Sweets – the acclaimed culinary venture of B,S&C performer Karen Jane DeWitt? Yeah: we wouldn't blame you.)

So, give us a K, give us an I, give us a C, give us – or, rather, give them

Oh, you know

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