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Conan, What Is Best?

Austin's Intergalactic Nemesis Crew Gets O'Brienated.

By Wayne Alan Brenner, 5:01PM, Tue. Feb. 14, 2012

Oh, Mysterion, how you tease ...
Oh, Mysterion, how you tease ...

Yes, that's Tim Doyle's artwork
enhancing the lines of the familiar set
where Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter
and Jason Neulander and Danu Uribe
and Graham Reynolds and Buzz Moran
are performing for your amusement this evening.

Yes, your local Earth-saving heroes
are going a bit coo-coo with those
Team Coco nuts, as the touring spectacle
of The Intergalactic Nemesis's
vintage live-radio sci-fi comedy-thriller
brightens latenight's ginger gem of a talkshow
this Valentine's Day night.

Yes, we wonder if Austin's own Ben Willcott
will be watching as clever Conan plays the part
of the man-from-the-future character that's
named after him ...

Yes, it seems as if Doyle and Reynolds in particular
are, like, everywhere these days ...

Yes, all of this makes us happier than
Timmy Mendez with five pounds of taffy ...


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