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The Answer is ... Geek Bowl VI!

Ah, what is "A Night of Competitive Trivia & Brewskis," Alex?

By Wayne Alan Brenner, 12:00PM, Thu. Jan. 26, 2012

O pinkhaired geekgrrl of our dreams, tell us the answer!
O pinkhaired geekgrrl of our dreams, tell us the answer!

See, it's a part of that whole
Geeks Who Drink pub-quiz phenomenon,
where geeks who drink gather in pubs
in cities across the U.S. to try to outdo each other
with their vast knowledge of pop-culture trivia.

It's challenging, it's goofy,
it's a hellaciously entertaining brain-battlefield.

Wait a second, though.
Did we say "part of that whole ..." ?

Because, no, actually:

Because this Saturday night at Austin Music Hall
is the main event of the whole ongoing spectacle
of arcane geekery and hopsy-barley hullaballoo.

It'll be the first time the national competitions
have been held outside their epicenter of Denver.

It'll be packed with more than 130 teams
from across the entire country.

And the Philadelphia team, in particular,
has been begging to get its nerdacious ass whupped
by anybody who's come to love this land of big sky and
triple-digit summers and breakfast tacos worth waking up early for.

Never mind this sentence;
go back and view that video linked above.

(Hey? Hey? Fuck those trash-talking Philly phuckwads!
Come Saturday night, those perfidious poltroons're gonna be
smiling out the other side of their fuckin' cheese-steaks, y'know what we're sayin'?)

So, yes: Geek Bowl VI!

NB: We'll be attending the motley throwdown in a strictly journalistic capacity
& will be reporting back with a wrap-up sometime after the dust has settled.

The dust, yes.

The dust of geeks.

Geek dust.

Oh, the mind boggles …

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