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60 in Sixty!

Rock that short attention spandex, friend

By Wayne Alan Brenner, 12:39PM, Wed. Feb. 23, 2011

Ron Berry, you're out of your fucking mind!
Ron Berry, you're out of your fucking mind!

Sixty performances in 60 minutes, one after the other, by 60 different performers from this ridiculously creative city? Yes, you lovable dork, that's precisely what's happening – and the hour-long spectacle is a sort of brief, miniature version of the enormous, full-week, city-devouring Fusebox Festival that will arrive just a month after SXSW.

It's tonight, this 60 by Sixty, at the ND at 501 Studios. It's tonight, Wednesday, February 23, and it's also a fundraiser for that internationally acclaimed Fusebox, and the rolling smorgasbord of cheetah-quick performances from your talented friends & neighbors will be followed by a catered, DJ-fueled dance party and so much alcohol-spiked celebration, right there at the ND, that you'll forget today's what the radio pukers like to call Humpday.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes:
This much entertainment and live creative diversion is possible on a Wednesday night!

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