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Election Day One: Turnout Low, Slow

When the City of Austin and Austin ISD voted to move their elections to November, to coincide with the general election, hopes were high that it would boost participation. With the first day early voting totals in, it seems those hopes may have been optimistic for overall turnout, but it's a good sign for municipal engagement. Read More | Comment »

News 11:51PM Mon. Oct. 20, Richard Whittaker

Crosstown Traffic

During the hectic second weekend of ACL Fest, the planets aligned and nudged the conversation from music to movies for a couple of hours down at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar, a stone’s throw from Auditorium Shores. Read More | Comment »

Screens 4:15PM Mon. Oct. 20, Marjorie Baumgarten

Full Service Circus

Full Service won’t be on the cover of the Chronicle this week, but you can’t say they haven’t tried. The local quartet continues promoting this weekend’s Full Service Circus, a bonanza of music, sports, and games, for which they’ve already sold 300 tickets to largely out-of-town fans. The second annual event runs Friday through Sunday around town. Read More | Comment »

Music 3:47PM Mon. Oct. 20, Kevin Curtin

At S-Comm Forum, Both Sides Dig In

While no progress toward a consensus was made at last week’s forum on Secure Communities, it did serve the purpose of highlighting just how contentious the issue truly is. Read More | Comment »

News 3:00PM Mon. Oct. 20, Amy Kamp

First Look: Patika Wine and Coffee

Andy Wiggington talks about coffee like most sommeliers talk about wine. He will point out its fruity notes or earthy balance. He casually mentions the “interesting” things that certain coffee growers have been doing with their product to define new flavors. And he can talk your ear off about how good coffee differs from bad coffee. Read More | Comment »

Food 2:15PM Mon. Oct. 20, Rachel Feit

Libertarian Ludlow Seeks Press Against Dukes

The Texas Ethics Commission doesn't like it when candidates file ethics complaints for nakedly political ends against their opponents. So the commissioners may take a dim view of Libertarian Kevin Ludlow issuing press releases over his filing against Democrat Rep. Dawnna Dukes. Read More | Comment »

News 1:30PM Mon. Oct. 20, Richard Whittaker

SXSW Interactive Announces Programming

In addition to the big names announced last week – including Russell Brand, Brian Grazer, and others –  SXSW named a whole bunch of panels and speakers this morning. How many you ask? Well over 700 were named in this initial list. Read More | Comment »

Screens 12:46PM Mon. Oct. 20, James Renovitch

Longhorns Oust Iowa State

The Longhorns took a big step towards becoming the team Texans expect to take the field next year. Saturday against Iowa State, Texas won itself its first close game. Read More | Comment »

Sports 10:20AM Mon. Oct. 20, Eric Sollenberger

Some People in Austin Need to STFU

This is your journo Brenner, here, with a brief intro. Read More | Comment »

Arts 10:00AM Mon. Oct. 20, Katie Pengra and Wayne Alan Brenner

The AggreGAYtor: October 20

Pope Francis gets checked, Rome's mayor takes Francis' almost-word to heart, and Annise Parker gets a dose of persecution complex, as your AggreGAYtor adjourns hir synod. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 8:20AM Mon. Oct. 20, David Estlund

News Roundup

Early voting begins today. If you're not sure where to vote, check out our complete list of polling locations here. Those concerned about lines can visit ACC-Highland Mall's early voting "megasite" featuring 4 check-in stations, 40 voting booths, and free parking. Read More | Comment »

News 7:00AM Mon. Oct. 20, the News Staff

Voter ID: Battle Lost, War Goes On

The US Supreme Court has decided to let Texas voter ID laws stand. That is, for the November elections and resulting run offs. But the parties that brought the challenges to the rules are determined that this will be a one-time deal. Read More | Comment »

News 4:16PM Sat. Oct. 18, Richard Whittaker

Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued the final word (for now) on Texas' voter ID law. Read More | Comment »

News 7:05AM Sat. Oct. 18, Amy Kamp

More Endorsements: ACC Trustees

With early voting looming (Oct. 20-31), we're supplementing the Chronicle editorial board endorsements in the Oct. 17 issue with a few more, as they become available. The following are our recommendations for Austin Community College board of trustees, Places 1 and 2. Read More | Comment »

News 4:00PM Fri. Oct. 17, The Chronicle Editorial Board

Food-o-File: Friday Lagniappe

Sometimes there is too much Austin food news to squeeze into the print edition of the Chronicle. Rather than wait a week, we've decided to give our readers a little bite of something extra. Read More | Comment »

Food 4:00PM Fri. Oct. 17, Virginia B. Wood

First Look: Delysia Chocolatier

Nicole Patel is an engineer by trade and a self-taught chocolatier by virtue of passion. Her award-winning line of sophisticated Delysia chocolates will now have the opportunity for wider acclaim with the opening of a new production facility that is as sleek and efficiently organized as the young chocolate maker herself. Read More | Comment »

Food 2:15PM Fri. Oct. 17, Virginia B. Wood

Where the Girls Go/ATX: Make a Difference Edition

Do the things we do to make a difference, make a difference? Like yesterday’s Spirit Day, ya know: Wear purple. End Bullying. Or PFLAG’s month-long OUTober fest, or that – come Sunday – we walk for AIDS. A difference in the heart is a start. This weekend, party like a rockstar while supporting the fabulous, glitterous community we’re lucky enough to call ours. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 1:20PM Fri. Oct. 17, Sarah Marloff

Updated Endorsement: Diane Henson

With early voting looming (Oct. 20-31), we're supplementing the Chronicle editorial board endorsements in the Oct. 17 issue with a few more, as they become available. We've endorsed Diane Henson for the Third Court Chief Justice, and here's our reasoning. Read More | Comment »

News 1:20PM Fri. Oct. 17, The Chronicle Editorial Board

One in a Crowd: Found Footage 3D

Being an indie-horror-comedy is hard. That's why so many filmmakers turn to crowdfunding. But Found Footage 3D may have an ace up its sleeve: Producer Kim Henkel is offering an unbelievable oddity from his own personal The Texas Chain Saw Massacre archives as a donor incentive. Read More | Comment »

Screens 12:41PM Fri. Oct. 17, Richard Whittaker

What Food Goes Well With Comedy?

Jim Gaffigan has a reputation as a "clean" comic, but is he really that spotless? The Chronicle gets the popular stand-up, who returns to Austin on Oct. 23, to come clean on his cleanliness. And there's a continuation of the discussion about food begun here, inspired by the release of his new book, Food: A Love Story. Read More | Comment »

Arts 12:30PM Fri. Oct. 17, Russ Espinoza

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