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Texas Rollergirls Hit Home Season Half Point

If there's one story in the Texas Rollergirls this year, it's that the Hotrod Honeys look unstoppable. Read More | Comment »

Sports 12:00PM Sat. Apr. 19

DVDanger: 'Flowers in the Attic'

Gahd, the 70s were weird. Get your heads around this: One of the most successful novel franchises of the era was about incest among the rich. Mercifully, we have the Lifetime Network to remind us how unbelievably strange that decade was with Flowers in the Attic. Read More | Comment »

Screens 9:00AM Sat. Apr. 19, Richard Whittaker

Medi-Pot Not Cause of Crime

There is no correlation between legalization of medical marijuana and increases in crime. That's the conclusion reached by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas who looked at crime trends from 1990-2006 across all 50 states, the period of time during which the first 11 states legalized medi-pot. Read More | Comment »

News 4:20PM Fri. Apr. 18, Jordan Smith

Why Can't We Bee Friends?

Central Texas Bee Rescue and the W Hotel hosted the second annual Black & Yellow Gala and Fashion Show yesterday, using the open-air pool deck despite the steady drizzle coming down throughout the event. Read More | Comment »

2:25PM Fri. Apr. 18, Claire Gordon

The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller

Sam Green’s “live documentary” Thursday night at the Paramount’s Stateside Theater on 20th Century architect, theorist, inventor, and all around visionary R. Buckminster Fuller presented more of a multimedia presentation with Yo La Tengo onstage providing a live soundtrack than an actual film for the Fusebox Festival. Read More | Comment »

Music 1:35PM Fri. Apr. 18, Jim Caligiuri

Chaos in Tejas Returns with A Weekend in Austin

Underground music fans rejoiced on Wednesday when Chaos in Tejas founder Timmy Hefner posted one of the festival’s trademark flyers to his Facebook page along with the message, “Wouldn’t be the last weekend in May in Austin without some friends in town.” Chaos restored? Nope. Read More | Comment »

Music 12:15PM Fri. Apr. 18, Kevin Curtin

Talking About 'My Generation' at ATX Television Festival

If you don't remember the 2000s, there's always ABC's Austin-centric mockumentary My Generation to remind you. And if you missed My Generation, then luckily the ATX Television Festival is on hand to re-run the experience. Read More | Comment »

Screens 12:00PM Fri. Apr. 18, Richard Whittaker

Farmers' Market Report: April 19-20, 2014

Fruitful Hills Farm has beaten all the other farmers to the punch, and brought the first zucchini and yellow crookneck squash of the season to last week’s market, and they have more to bring this Saturday  (Sunset Valley and Barton Creek). Read More | Comment »

Food 11:30AM Fri. Apr. 18, Kate Thornberry

Wines of the Week

Easter is Sunday, April 20, and Earth Day is April 22. Given the feasts that a lot of families are likely to have this week, it seemed like a good time to find some good, earth-friendly Cabernets. Read More | Comment »

Food 11:00AM Fri. Apr. 18, Wes Marshall

Where the Girls Go/ATX: Bunnies & Chocolate Edition

Who doesn't love a holiday? Not this sinner. So you best believe I’ll be dying eggs, deviling eggs, and splurging on Cadbury eggs like any self-respecting agnostic should be. But beyond my own personal Easter festivities, there are lots of holiday (and non-holiday) events sure to be populated with all kinds of queermos. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 10:45AM Fri. Apr. 18, Sarah Marloff

Estate Sale Roundup: April 18-20

We have a small selection this week to choose from, but sometimes after a busy work week that's a good thing. While simplified, it is still a weekend with promise in the air, as there are many undiscovered treasures out there. Read More | Comment »

Design 10:10AM Fri. Apr. 18, Anne Harris

The AggreGAYtor: April 18

Marriage gets props, sex work gets props, and Rick Perry might get real mad behind that, as your AggreGAYtor considers the post-prison possibilities of the path of excess. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 9:30AM Fri. Apr. 18, David Estlund

Kickstart Your Weekend: 'The Big Spoon'

Carlyn Hudson has been a big advocate for new and independent film making in Austin. Now she's hoping that Austin's film scene will be a big advocate for her. Read More | Comment »

Screens 9:00AM Fri. Apr. 18, Richard Whittaker

Pull Out That Easter Bahn-et

The weather has sure been wacky. One day it's cold, and the next, a Schlitt-le bit hot. Oh, you see where we're going with this, don't you? Read More | Comment »

5:40PM Thu. Apr. 17, Nina Hernandez

More HB 2 Fallout: Abortion Doctors Sue Dallas Hospital

For more than 30 years, obstetricians Lamar Robinson and Jasbir Ahluwalia provided legal abortion care at licensed women's clinics. And after the legislature last year passed House Bill 2, requiring that all abortion doctors receive hospital admitting privileges, the doctors sought and received privileges at University General Hospital Dallas. Read More | Comment »

News 4:00PM Thu. Apr. 17, Jordan Smith

Austin Fashion Week: Mash Up Madness

Each year, Austin Fashion Week begins with an interactive element, which allows you to vote for the best creative alchemy among teams consisting of clothing designers, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, models, and wardrobe stylists who have created editorial scenarios for the competition. Read More | Comment »

Design 3:18PM Thu. Apr. 17, Anne Harris

A Chorus for Rod Kennedy

Kerrville Folk Festival founder Rod Kennedy, 84, died of natural causes on Monday. We approached local singer-songwriters that knew him and were affected by his vision for thoughts on a man who brought a piece of Texas to the world. Read More | Comment »

Music 2:45PM Thu. Apr. 17, Jim Caligiuri

Film Flam

An Austin film selected for Cannes, and other news about local film happenings. Read More | Comment »

Screens 2:35PM Thu. Apr. 17, Marjorie Baumgarten

Kelis Can Cook

“I know that I don’t look it, but I can cook / I’m really pretty simple, I like what I should,” croons Kelis (Rogers) on “Floyd,” imbedded in next Tuesday’s new album Food. If her food truck tour d’Austin during South by Southwest last month was evidence of her simplistic palate, I beg to differ. Read More | Comment »

Music 1:20PM Thu. Apr. 17, Abby Johnston

Trattoria Lisina's Easter Egg Hunt

There are Easter egg hunts all over the city catering toward kids and their relentless need for candy and trinkets, but very few that cater to adults and their needs, too. And by needs, I mean carbohydrates and wine. Read More | Comment »

Food 11:30AM Thu. Apr. 17, Melanie Haupt

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