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Fantastic Fest 2014: Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD

Average citizens may not recognize the title, but the monthly British comic book 2000AD has influenced the world in myriad ways. From film to music to the global pop-cult zeitgeist, 2000AD remains subversive and vital decades after its inception. Future Shock! is the unexpurgated story of one of the medium's most influential titles. Read More | Comment »

Screens 4:20PM Mon. Sep. 22, Marc Savlov

Fantastic Arcade: Day 4

The final day of the Fantastic Arcade did not disappoint. There were donuts, an impromptu sing-along about mystical bananas, and the long awaited Barfcade hosted by Thu Tran. Did anyone in fact barf? Read More | Comment »

Screens 3:19PM Mon. Sep. 22, James Renovitch

The AggreGAYtor: September 22

Houston gets its nuptials on, Brazilians kick up their skirts, and Kelly Osbourne meets royalty, as your AggreGAYtor vogues in purple. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 2:50PM Mon. Sep. 22, David Estlund

Zombies for HAAM

The Zombies, known for Sixties hits “Time of the Season,” “She’s Not There,” and “Tell Her No,” return locally after a starring set at Austin Psych Fest in May. The floral pop immortals co-headline the British Invasion concert at the Moody tonight with Animals frontman Eric Burdon. Tuesday, it’s their show at the Belmont. Read More | Comment »

Music 1:50PM Mon. Sep. 22, Kevin Curtin

Fantastic Fest 2014: The Tribe

Of all the hyperbolic phrases in the film critic’s toolkit, “a singular experience” is one that gets thrown around a bit too much, diluting the cinematic pool. But I can safely say, with unequivocal authority, that you have never experienced anything like Miroslav Slaboshpitsky’s The Tribe. Read More | Comment »

Screens 1:30PM Mon. Sep. 22, Josh Kupecki

Fantastic Fest 2014: Norway

When aging party monster Zano arrives in town on a late-night train, his buddy Jimmy is nowhere to be found. Word is that Zardoz discotheque is where the party is at, but when Zano arrives he's the only one on the dance floor: living or undead. That doesn't dissuade him though, because if he stops dancing, his heart will stop beating. Read More | Comment »

Screens 1:10PM Mon. Sep. 22, Dan Gentile

The Road to 10-1: Here Comes District 5

Tonight City Council District 5 candidates will field questions about the area they hope to represent in the fifth media forum sponsored by the Chronicle, Austin Monitor, KUT-FM, KXAN-TV, and Univision. Time and place? ACC South Campus, 1820 W. Stassney Lane at 7pm. Read More | Comment »

News 12:35PM Mon. Sep. 22, Mary Tuma

Lace Back Up for The Maze Runner

Pretty good reviews and even better audience word-of-mouth shot The Maze Runner to the top of the weekend box office. Distributor 20th Century Fox has announced the next book in Dashner’s franchise, The Scorch Trials, will get big-screen treatment, too, with a planned September 2015 release date. Read More | Comment »

Screens 11:51AM Mon. Sep. 22, Kimberley Jones

Fantastic Fest 2014: Joe Lynch Guns for Everly

Joe Lynch learned an important lesson at this year's Fantastic Fest. Never tell a Texan that samurais are better than cowboys. "I went, oh, this is a great debate in the wrong place. It's a little difficult to debate against cowboys in the lovely state of Texas." Read More | Comment »

Screens 10:45AM Mon. Sep. 22, Richard Whittaker

Fantastic Fest 2014: I Am a Knife With Legs

When someone asked me, post-screening, what the hell we just saw, I barely hesitated a moment before blurting out “It’s this year’s Rubber.” As in Quentin Dupieux’s audience fave from Fantastic Fest 2010. Dada-esque, non-sequitur comedy is alive, wild, and well. Read More | Comment »

Screens 10:10AM Mon. Sep. 22, Marc Savlov

Fantastic Fest 2014: Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau

John Frankenheimer may have snagged the director's credit for 1996’s The Island of Dr. Moreau, but it was initially the vision of South African auteur Richard Stanley, who was hand-chosen to helm by New Line Pictures on the basis of his equally visionary 1990 film Hardware. Read More | Comment »

Screens 9:50AM Mon. Sep. 22, Marc Savlov

In Response to Anti-Choice Claims, Rep. Dawnna Dukes Makes Abortion Public

During a heated women’s health panel, coordinated by the Texas Tribune Festival, state Rep. Dawnna Dukes, D-Austin, unexpectedly revealed she had an abortion. Read More | Comment »

News 8:45AM Mon. Sep. 22, Mary Tuma

Fantastic Fest 2014: The Look of Silence

“The past is past” is a refrain shared throughout Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Look of Silence by both those proudly responsible for slaughtering half a million alleged Communists in Indonesia in the mid-Sixties and those who survived the genocide. Read More | Comment »

Screens 8:45AM Mon. Sep. 22, William Goss

Fantastic Arcade Award Winners

Between the Barfcade competition and the afterparty, the Fantastic Arcade revealed the awards presented to the eight spotlight games. All of the titles got an award unique to the game before the Audience and Most Fantastic awards were announced. And the winners are: Read More | Comment »

Screens 7:00AM Mon. Sep. 22, James Renovitch

Fantastic Fest 2014: The Babadook

Be vigilant against The Babadook. Once you let him in, he will never leave. “If it’s in a word, or it’s in a look, you can’t get rid of The Babadook,” reads weary Amelia (Essie Davis) to her frightened son Samuel (Noah Wiseman) from a book that has mysteriously appeared in the young boy’s bedroom. Read More | Comment »

Screens 2:05PM Sun. Sep. 21, Marjorie Baumgarten

Fantastic Fest 2014: Whispers Behind the Wall

It may have been made for television but this claustrophobic German import about a virginal law student and his leggy blonde landlord has style to burn. Equal parts Polanski and Lynch, with a hint of Hitch, makes for some creepily erotic thrills. Read More | Comment »

Screens 12:40PM Sun. Sep. 21, Marc Savlov

Fantastic Fest: Redeemer

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. Please stop punching me, oh dear god, my face, my face!, sayeth anyone that he unleashes the Redeemer upon. Read More | Comment »

Screens 12:01PM Sun. Sep. 21, Richard Whittaker

Fantastic Fest 2014: Tommy

"Tommy." Doesn’t quite have the same sibilant menace of, say, Keyser Söze, but apparently this Tommy is a bad enough dude that mere mention of him will strike fear in the heart of every rotten hoodlum in Stockholm. Read More | Comment »

Screens 11:17AM Sun. Sep. 21, Kimberley Jones

Fantastic Fest 2014: The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Coming of age stories are all over Fantastic Fest this year but only this breathtakingly lovely offering from Japan’s legendary Studio Ghibli (My Neighbor Totoro) is fit for both hardcore anime fans and family viewing. Read More | Comment »

Screens 10:49AM Sun. Sep. 21, Marc Savlov

Fantastic Fest 2014: My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

If you're looking for a hagiography, the last person to ask is a spouse. Read More | Comment »

Screens 8:52AM Sun. Sep. 21, Kimberley Jones

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