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Judge Rules Parts of HB 2 Unconstitutional

In a much anticipated ruling, U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel has struck down parts of Texas’ abortion law, finding the regulations unconstitutional. The effect of the law - predicted to shutter all but six clinics in Texas - places an “undue burden on women” wrote Yeakel in his 21-page opinion. Read More | Comment »

News 5:39PM Fri. Aug. 29, Mary Tuma

Where the Girls Go/ATX: Labor Day Edition

For a weekend that marks the unofficial end of summer, the temps are hitting towards triple digits. But pumpkin beers are on shelves, and Halloween decorations can be seen in store isles. Feeling summer/fall conflicted? We can help, or at least help you forget, because no matter what season it is, this three-day weekend is going to be triple-digits awesome. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 4:15PM Fri. Aug. 29, Sarah Marloff

A Dram Held High for Ed Miller

KUT empties out on Sundays. A few minutes before 6pm, the staff’s at home, resting up for the work week. The lights are out. Two televisions play sports on mute over desks belonging to KUTX deejays. Read More | Comment »

Music 1:37PM Fri. Aug. 29, Chase Hoffberger

Abbott Cancels TV Debate With Davis

In 2010, Gov. Rick Perry declined to face his opponents in a televised debate for the governor's race. In 2014, Attorney General Greg Abbott has seemingly gone one step further: After agreeing to face Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Ft. Worth, in a round table on Sept. 30 on Dallas station WFAA, Abbott has now pulled out. Read More | Comment »

News 12:20PM Fri. Aug. 29, Richard Whittaker

Get Sexy for a Good Cause

Daley Catherine has felt ashamed of her body since she was a teenager. Naturally thin, Catherine always wished that she were more curvaceous, and felt self-conscious when people would comment on her appearance. Read More | Comment »

Arts 12:00PM Fri. Aug. 29, Amy Kamp

Outlander Is the Rare Adaptation That Gets It Right

Diana Gabaldon's best-selling Outlander book series has finally been brought to the small screen in a 16-episode series on the Starz cable network, making fans – and I'm one of them – deliriously happy. Read More | Comment »

Screens 11:14AM Fri. Aug. 29, Virginia B. Wood

Group Claims Abbott Works Less Than the Queen

On the upcoming Labor Day holiday, it’s always encouraging to be reminded of the hard work our elected public servants put in. Long hours, under-appreciation, and tons of criticism. However, as one political advocacy group points out – don’t look to our possible next GOP governor of Texas for inspiration. Read More | Comment »

News 10:16AM Fri. Aug. 29, Mary Tuma

The AggreGAYtor: August 29

Europe feels smug, trans women feel the burn, and Linda Harvey takes us to Oz, as your AggreGAYtor texts. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 8:30AM Fri. Aug. 29, David Estlund

Local Video Game News

Overall it was a terrible week for makers and lovers of video games. Locally, things were significantly brighter with new shows, contests, and business deals to help cheer you up. Read More | Comment »

Screens 8:00AM Fri. Aug. 29, James Renovitch


Over Labor Day weekend last year, the third and final afternoon of New York’s Electric Zoo festival was cancelled after two people died in drug-related incidents. This Friday through Sunday, the EDM gathering crusades to keep the genre’s hallmark drug, MDMA, at bay by making attendees watch a two-minute PSA before their wristbands are activated. Read More | Comment »

Music 4:20PM Thu. Aug. 28, Abby Johnston

Estate Sale Roundup: August 28-31

If you've got the money, honey, we've got the time this holiday weekend. Load up the wreck and grab your GPS. Read More | Comment »

Design 3:59PM Thu. Aug. 28, Anne Harris

Court Rules Texas School Finance Unconstitutional

In a long-awaited turn for Texas education, Judge John Dietz today issued his final ruling on the state's school finance system: It is unconstitutional, and it is failing Texas children. Read More | Comment »

News 3:30PM Thu. Aug. 28, Richard Whittaker

Help Save Swede Farm Dairy!

Regular shoppers at Austin area farmers' markets are bound to know the friendly Carlson family of Swede Farm Dairy – if not by individual names, certainly by their excellent line of goat milk products. Those exemplary products are in danger of disappearing from the markets, but there is a way to help. Read More | Comment »

Food 2:35PM Thu. Aug. 28, Virginia B. Wood

Jaston Williams

Jaston Williams has stories like West Texas has sand – a vast, seemingly inexhaustible supply that swirls up around you whenever you're near. Consider: This notable actor/writer has already produced three shows of richly embroidered, raucously funny yarns and this week opens a fourth. Maid Marian in a Stolen Car, at Zach Theatre. Read More | Comment »

Arts 2:30PM Thu. Aug. 28, Robert Faires

Still the Fading Stains of Some Bad Improv Blood

Listen: We're not going to get into it here, really. Read More | Comment »

Arts 2:00PM Thu. Aug. 28, Wayne Alan Brenner

Had Me a Real Good Time

You know it’s a big night at the Sahara Lounge when co-owner Topaz McGarrigle and the staff roll out not one, not two, but three crock pots of downhome cookin’. The parking lot filled up along Webberville Road on Wednesday as booker, promoter, and venue mainstay Jennifer Marchand orchestrated yet another dream show: a hoot night for the Faces and Small Faces. Read More | Comment »

Music 12:15PM Thu. Aug. 28, Chase Hoffberger

The AggreGAYtor: August 28

Cincinnati takes care of its own, Florida finds itself delayed, and Scott Lively gets all wet, as your AggreGAYtor laughs a little too hard and lets one go. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 8:00AM Thu. Aug. 28, David Estlund

Update: 3805 Red River Historic Zoning Efforts

At 11pm last night, as the City Planning Commission voted 5-3 not to recommend historic zoning for 3805 Red River, both sides in the debate put forth compelling arguments. Read More | Comment »

News 5:45PM Wed. Aug. 27, Anne Harris

Sexuality Conference Brings Knowledge & Cuddles in October

Something that Rick Springfield sang about how we all need the human touch, right? Read More | Comment »

BRNNR BLG 5:10PM Wed. Aug. 27

Texas Teen Book Festival

We may be cracking the triple-digits still, but fall festival season will be here before you know it, and the names are already dropping faster than autumn leaves (once they start to drop, that is). Case in point: the Texas Teen Book Festival, which let fly a full 29 authors who will be coming to the celebration of YA reading on Saturday, Oct. 18. Read More | Comment »

Books 4:36PM Wed. Aug. 27, Robert Faires

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