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William Dear Says Freedom, R.I.P.

Remember the end of Easy Rider, with Captain America and Billy bleeding out in a ditch from shotgun blasts? Seven years later, William Dear let the bikers shoot back in The Northville Cemetery Massacre. Read More | Comment »

Screens 5:20PM Wed. Jul. 30, Richard Whittaker

Loud, Fun, and Colorful

The Octopus Project's aesthetic has always been difficult to quantify. Experimental-electro-indie-pop-with-visual-flair is probably accurate, though the band’s founder Josh Lambert states it best, “When people don’t know our band, I usually say we’re loud, fun, and colorful.” Read More | Comment »

Screens 3:20PM Wed. Jul. 30, Fernie Martinez

10 Minutes with Nick Waterhouse

Twenty-eight-year-old L.A. soul blaster Nick Waterhouse arrives at the Parish on Friday with his second disc, Holly. His band features dueling guitars and keys, backup singers, horns, and a three-man rhythm section, all taking cues from Van Morrison and the mid-20th Century. We spoke while he was stuck in traffic between Milwaukee and Chicago. Read More | Comment »

Music 1:00PM Wed. Jul. 30, Jim Caligiuri

The AggreGAYtor: July 30

States roil, Queer Nation boils, and Michele Bachmann says we're all soiled, as your AggreGAYtor dials up the secret NAMBLA hotline. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 12:40PM Wed. Jul. 30, David Estlund

EDM: Etiquette to Dull the Masses

I have about as much respect for the term EDM as a head cold. The initialism condenses decades of “electronic dance music” into a marketing fad more aptly represented as an “etiquette to dull the masses.” Read More | Comment »

Music 11:30AM Wed. Jul. 30, Conor Walker

Whodunnit All Over the World?

It would generate a mystery, albeit a sad mystery, to wrap up the July Is Crime Month series that Books Editor Robert Faires has created for the Chronicle without talking about the excellent indie publishing company called Melville House. Read More | Comment »

Books 10:30AM Wed. Jul. 30, Wayne Alan Brenner

Admiral McRaven to Become UT Chancellor

The leadership of the UT System could be set for a real change in management style, as the board of regents yesterday announced that Admiral William McRaven is the sole finalist to become the next system chancellor. Read More | Comment »

News 10:30AM Wed. Jul. 30, Richard Whittaker

Queen of the Hill: 3805 Red River Stands Another Day

Entering Room 325 of One Texas Center on Monday night, one had the idea that this routine meeting of the Texas Historic Landmark Commission was more well-attended than most. As the room quickly filled, there was buzz was about one property – Case No. CH14-2014-0007, the long-beloved, creme stucco International Moderne house at 3805 Red River. Read More | Comment »

News 10:00AM Wed. Jul. 30, Anne Harris

Stargayzer Fest Moves Downtown

The StarGayzer Festival has been turning heads since word first began to spread of its existence. Today's big news for the three-day LGBTQIA music and performance fest? The queer extravaganza, happening Sept. 12-14, is moving Downtown. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 9:00AM Wed. Jul. 30, David Estlund

A Big Texas Unwelcome in Dallas

The American Legislative Exchange Council, the corporate-funded bill mill generating and underwriting much reactionary state legislation, holds its annual convention in Dallas this week (July 30-Aug. 1). Statewide activists are laying out the Unwelcome Mat. Read More | Comment »

News 5:31PM Tue. Jul. 29, Michael King

The AggreGAYtor: July 29

The Fourth Circuit rocks out with their dockets out, Cosmo jams out with their clams out, and Greg Abbott heads 'em off at the pass, as your AggreGAYtor gets Beat Down. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 1:50PM Tue. Jul. 29, David Estlund

Eve & the Exiles in August

Eve Monsees owns Antone’s Records with husband Mike Buck. A local since she was 8, the guitarist came up with Gary Clark Jr., who thanked her immediately when he won a Grammy. The year she graduated high school, she began Eve & the Exiles with Buck, who she was working with at Antone’s. The couple, along with Forrest Coppack, assumed ownership in 2008. Read More | Comment »

Music 1:00PM Tue. Jul. 29, William Harries Graham

Mangia! It's National Lasagne Day

We're not sure who makes the decisions about designating days in honor of specific food items, but a national celebration of lasagne sounds fine to us. Some local restaurants are on board with this observance so as they say in Italy: Mangia! Read More | Comment »

Food 12:30PM Tue. Jul. 29, Virginia B. Wood

Peter Murphy the Lionhearted

Goth godfather, Peter Murphy, who hates that term, prowls the Belmont tonight with a second LP for industrial powerhouse Nettwerk. Heavy on noir – drama – Lion connects his art-punk past in Bauhaus with Middle Eastern melody and mysticism, plus explosive textures by U2/Depeche Mode producer and Killing Joke bassist Martin “Youth” Glover. Read More | Comment »

Music 10:47AM Tue. Jul. 29, Tim Stegall

The Long Trip up the 'Dark Mountain'

If there are two terrible fears to combine, it's claustrophobia and agoraphobia. Found footage horror Dark Mountain blends both, as a hapless camera crew gets lost in the Arizona desert while searching for a dangerous gold mine. What's scariest is that, unlike most 'inspired by true events' stories, this one really is. Sort of. Read More | Comment »

Screens 9:00AM Tue. Jul. 29, Richard Whittaker

AISD: First Candidates File

Seems like everyone is busy on Monday evenings: After 10 days, a grand total of two candidates have filed paperwork to become an Austin ISD trustee in the Nov. 4 election. That means, so far, there are three seats with no declared candidate. Read More | Comment »

News 7:00AM Tue. Jul. 29, Richard Whittaker

UT English Professor Joe Slate Dies

Longtime University of Texas English professor Joseph Evans Slate died Wednesday, July 16 at the age of 86. We don't normally note the passing of UT profs in our food section, but unbeknownst to many, Joe Slate had a serious impact on the Austin food scene. Read More | Comment »

Food 4:50PM Mon. Jul. 28, Virginia B. Wood

Wines of the Week

"Dear Wes,
My husband and I are having the neighbors over for a party next weekend. Can you recommend a good red wine for the party? Any help can be appreciated! Also, we live outside of Austin, so they need to be easy to find. One other thing, we don’t like Cabernet." -KH Read More | Comment »

Food 4:00PM Mon. Jul. 28, Wes Marshall

The Road to 10-1: Catching Up

The July 15 campaign finance deadline set off a flurry of 10-1 activity, much of which we covered in the Chronicle’s July 18 overview (“Now We Begin”). Nevertheless, the campaign dust has hardly settled yet – July 18 also marked the opening of formal ballot application – so here’s a brief update on what’s been happening since. Read More | Comment »

News 1:45PM Mon. Jul. 28, Michael King

The AggreGAYtor: July 28

Austin pays a visit to Oz, Saint Petersburg takes a break from hating, and homophobes smell vomit, as your AggreGAYtor eats some worms. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 1:10PM Mon. Jul. 28, David Estlund

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