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July Is Crime Month: Batman Day

The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. The Masked Manhunter. The World's Greatest Detective. Bats. We know him by many names and in many guises, but the most important thing to know about him today is that it's Batman's 75th birthday – he first appeared in Detective Comics on July 23, 1939 – so the world is celebrating Batman Day. Read More | Comment »

Books 2:15PM Wed. Jul. 23, Robert Faires

Tour de France Report: Stage 17

The 101st Tour de France continues through July 27. Click through to read our report of Stage 17. Read More | Comment »

Sports 1:32PM Wed. Jul. 23, Larysa Pachulski

Wheezing Spools: Cassettes in Electronic Music – Part II

Cassettes occupy a reclusive distance from the whims of the masses. Since tapes aren’t enslaved by prescribed pop expectations, a history of idiosyncratically edgy music endures. The following music is separated from the popularity contest vomiting forth from dogmatic dance formulae layered amid the babble of social media. Read More | Comment »

Music 12:30PM Wed. Jul. 23, Conor Walker

Texas Abortion Rate Drops Post-HB 2, New Data Shows

Newly released data, collected directly from Texas abortion providers, shows what many reproductive health leaders and advocates have anticipated in the post House Bill 2 landscape – a drop in the number of abortions. Read More | Comment »

News 11:00AM Wed. Jul. 23, Mary Tuma

Sea Change

The owners of Dock and Roll Diner, a trailer that specializes in lobster rolls, recently returned from the Lobster Rumble competition in New York. Although they did not come home with any medals from the prestigious competition, they arguably came back with something better – a new muse for their menu. Read More | Comment »

Food 2:45PM Tue. Jul. 22, Amira Jensen

Shane and Sara Scribner: 'A Place Beyond'

Here’s an exhibition that you’ll really like to see in person, because the figurative work – in oils on panel – is the sort of excellence that makes people shake their head in wonder: How do these artists do it? How do they take a bunch of wet pigments and render images of near-photographic precision? Read More | Comment »

Arts 2:30PM Tue. Jul. 22, Wayne Alan Brenner

Tour de France Report: Stage 16

The 101st Tour de France continues through July 27. Click through to read our report of Stage 16. Read More | Comment »

Sports 2:28PM Tue. Jul. 22, Larysa Pachulski

Film Flam

Tiny giants and festival berths are in this edition of Film Flam. Read More | Comment »

Screens 1:57PM Tue. Jul. 22, Kimberley Jones

Governor Tough Guy Beats His Chest

Apparently not content with his earlier Fox News/Sean Hannity ‘We Got Guns’ Tour of the Mexican border, with great fanfare Gov. Rick Perry announced Monday he would send 1,000 National Guard troops to “tackle this crisis head-on” – although local law enforcement said they didn’t know what the troops might be able to do. Read More | Comment »

News 1:45PM Tue. Jul. 22, Michael King

Take Me Home: Kelley Mickwee

Kelley Mickwee’s You Used to Live Here drops today. After spending years singing as a duo with Jed Zimmerman and finding success with the currently on-hiatus Trishas, Mickwee went back to her personal drawing board, starting from scratch as a solo artist. Read More | Comment »

Music 12:15PM Tue. Jul. 22, William Harries Graham

Yes, We Have Candidates!

Monday, July 21, marked the opening of the official filing period for the new 10-1 City Council, and a handful of candidates took advantage of Opening Day. The early headliner was Council Member Mike Martinez, who hit City Hall in the morning for filing and a photo-op. He was joined by a half-dozen others, including a newcomer. Read More | Comment »

News 12:01PM Tue. Jul. 22, Michael King

Tèo is Going to Italy - and So Can You!

When local gelato maker Matt Lee placed in the top three during the North American leg of the Gelato World Tour held in Austin in April, he earned the opportunity to compete in the finals in Rimini, Italy Sep. 5-7. Now, Lee is offering one lucky customer the chance to go along Read More | Comment »

Food 11:15AM Tue. Jul. 22, Virginia B. Wood

Austin and the 7-10 Split

When people first started talking about shifting Austin to single-member City Council districts, the logic was simple. You add more geographic representation, more diversity of opinion, and a more accurate reflection of the city's needs. Well, the neighboring districts of 7 and 10 have a nice bucket list lined up. Read More | Comment »

News 9:30AM Tue. Jul. 22, Richard Whittaker

Who is Austin's Big Cheese?

Chile con queso is right up there with well-stuffed breakfast tacos and slow-smoked brisket on the list of Austin's signature dishes; everyone's got an opinion about who makes the best version. For four years now, event promoter Adi Anand has hosted a contest to answer the burning question: Who makes Austin's best queso? Read More | Comment »

Food 4:40PM Mon. Jul. 21, Virginia B. Wood

July Is Crime Month: Fade to Black

So far, the Chronicle's July crime spree has focused largely on the written word, but maybe you prefer your mysteries, murders, and manhunts onscreen. Then, friend, this is your lucky week. Read More | Comment »

Screens 4:15PM Mon. Jul. 21, Robert Faires

Bob Log III Q&A

Bob Log III’s best gimmick isn’t his flamboyant getup of sequenced jumpsuits and telephone helmets. Nor is it his extreme showmanship of rafting over the audience in a rubber dinghy and enlisting the breasts of female fans to make “Boob scotch.” Rather, it remains his lightening fast, highly percussive, slide guitar fingerpicking. Read More | Comment »

Music 3:30PM Mon. Jul. 21, Kevin Curtin

Sacred & Profane: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Shaking the ACL Live at the Moody Theater temple Saturday and Sunday, three-and-a-half hours and 31 gut shots all total, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds alternately caressed and flayed its flock. At the former main event, a sold-out concert prior to the band’s Austin City Limits taping, Cave reached down and rubbed both ears of a man in the front row. Read More | Comment »

Music 1:30PM Mon. Jul. 21, Raoul Hernandez

Tour de France Report: Stages 14-15

The 101st Tour de France continues through July 27. Click through to read our report of Stages 14-15. Read More | Comment »

Sports 11:04AM Mon. Jul. 21, Larysa Pachulski

Signs of the 10-1 Times

An early melodrama in the crowded District 3 City Council race opened earlier this month when partisans drew attention to a campaign sign for Susana Almanza – normally unremarkable – except that it was posted in the yard of D3 opponent Fred McGhee’s campaign treasurer, Israel Lopez. Read More | Comment »

News 9:00AM Mon. Jul. 21, Mary Tuma

DVDanger: NSFW

Sex sells, as the saying goes. It also horrifies people, and makes them laugh. But while American film makers seem ever more prudish on the topic, it's up to their European cousins, as always, to grab the bull by the, a-hem, horns. Read More | Comment »

Screens 11:00AM Sat. Jul. 19, Richard Whittaker

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