Nirvana's first album, Bleach, was recorded for $606.17 in 1989.

One day in a U.S. hospital, on average, costs $4,287. The country with the second-highest average is Australia at $1,472.

The main character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender Is the Night is based on his friend, modernist painter Gerald Murphy. Murphy's father, an upscale New York City merchant, invented the wristwatch at the suggestion of a British officer during World War I who complained that pocket watches were too cumbersome for trench warfare.

According to one traveler, there's a 28-foot ramp in Midland, Texas, made in the Fifties for the Soap Box Derby.

Der Kaiser von Kalifornien – "The Kaiser of California" but better known as The Emperor of California – is a 1936 film that has the distinction of being the first film made in Nazi Germany set in the American West.


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