According to Salon, in 2008, archaeologists on a dig in the Gobi Desert found the world's oldest pot stash in the grave of a shaman of the Gushi tribe. The purpose of the cannabis was easily identified because the male plant parts, which are less psychoactive, had been removed.

Rattlesnakes cause the largest number of snakebite fatalities in the United States – on average less than 10 per year.

In the 1780s, under the first U.S. constitution, only 16% of Massachusetts residents were eligible to vote.

In making the 1957 film Loving You, actress Dolores Hart had to do several takes of the final scene – she was the recipient of Elvis Pressley's first onscreen kiss. It seems that she kept blushing. In 1963, she gave up acting to become a Benedictine nun.

According to a 2005 study, over a 23-year period New Jersey taxpayers paid more than $250 billion on a capital punishment system that executed no one.


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