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By Mr. Smarty Pants, Fri., Sept. 27, 2013

In the U.S. each year there are about 160,000 prosecutions for truancy. Of those, about 118,000 are in Texas alone.

Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie and Clyde fame) had a tattoo on her knee with intertwined hearts and the names "Bonnie" and "Roy," because until the day she died she was legally married not to Clyde Barrow but to Roy Thornton.

Americans eat 79 billion eggs a year.

The feminine version of "dude" is "dudine," not "dudette."

Roses are not featured in the Bible, even though wild roses did grow in the ancient Near East. The few mentions of roses in the King James Bible, such as "the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose," are probably mistranslations. (Some newer translations replace "rose" with the less poetic but more accurate "crocus.")

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