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It's Record Store Day!

It's that time of year again, music lovers! Record Store Day is an international day celebrating the culture of locally owned record stores. So this Saturday, April 19th, come show your support for the record stores around Austin and grab some of the exclusive releases by your favorite artists! Read More | »

10:24PM Fri. Apr. 18Josette Chen

The Chrontourage Guide to Local Business Month

The Austin Independent Business Alliance & the City of Austin have officially declared April Local Business Month. That means IBIZ (independent business) districts will have sales, special offers, and parties throughout the month to emphasize shopping locally. We've navigated the long list of participants and came up with a list of some favorites. Read More | »

2:01PM Tue. Apr. 15Parisa Kosari


This year's Austin Chronicle SXSW trade show booth is getting all kinds of upgraded! We'll be all up in your social media world thanks to the help of Mass Relevance, an Austin-based technology company that gives marketers real-time access to every piece of social content submitted, which they can integrate with any digital screen. Read More | »

1:56PM Wed. Mar. 5Lia Crockett

Let me live in Austin like everyone else!

It seems like if there is any kind of “best places to live” list, Austin is on it. The secret is out, what with over 100 people moving her each day, meaning you may find your dream apartment in the morning, only for it to be rented when you return in the afternoon. Read More | »

4:00AM Mon. Mar. 3Parisa Kosari

5 Things You Probably Don't Know about CapMetro

According to Forbes' latest release, Austin is the fastest growing city in the country. Ryan Robinson, City of Austin demographer, says 110 people move within Austin's five countries every day, that's roughly 3,300 people a month or 39,600 a year! Read More | »

12:01PM Wed. Feb. 19Derek Van Wagner

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Kevin Burke "Day Two"