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Shatner's World: We Just Live In It

We can pretty much blame Gene Roddenberry for this fellow's blazing and indelible spot in the world's consciousness, sure, but by now William Shatner has earned or grown to accommodate the immensity of his own position. Whether as a would-be crooner exhorting us to "Picture yourself – on a boat – on a river!" or as Captain James Tiberius Kirk or T.J. Hooker or whoever the hell he was in that one aborted season of 'Barbary Coast' on ABC back in '75 [Ed. note: The character was named Jeff Cable. Thank you, Wikipedia.] ... we mean, yes, regardless, Shatner performing as Shatner is just Shatner enough, replete with hilarious anecdotes and a horseman's opinions and the sort of star-studded, crowd-pleasing chat that a legendary octogenarian can provide. Thu., Jan. 10, 8pm. $115-150.

Paramount Theatre, 713 Congress, Austin, 512/472-5470