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Nerd Nite + Bedpost Confessions = <3

Two genre-specific bastions of interactive goodness – confessional eroticism and, uh, "Nerds!" – join forces for one night of sexy, science-y scintillation at the ND's North Door bar. You do want to hear "An Oral History of Birth Control" and learn "How the Texas Sex Toy Ban Got Overturned in Court" and hear some rockin' chiptunes and drink some Waterloo Rum (gratis!) and try to guess which of your fellow partiers' erotic confessions are being read and discussed onstage, don't you? Yeah? (And maybe you wanna show up half an hour early, Mr. or Ms. On-the-Prowl, because there's a speed-dating game at 6:30pm? Your nerdy shadchen says: Yes!) Recommended. Wed., Jan. 9, 7pm. 501 N. IH-35. It's free!.