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Austin Film Society: The School of Rock 10-Year Reunion: The School of Rock

Rated PG-13, 108 min. Directed by Richard Linklater., Starring Jack Black, Mike White, Sarah Silverman, Joan Cusack, Maryam Hassan, Kevin Clark, Rebecca Brown, Joey Gaydos Jr. and Robert Tsai.

In Linklater's 10-year-old comedy hit, Jack Black brings his rock & roll vibe to riff-needy prep students. Film star Black will be in attendance, along with Linklater, writer/co-star Mike White, co-star Miranda Cosgrove, and the young cast members who made up the movie’s The School of Rock band. The red-carpet reception, anniversary screening, and Q&A, will be followed by a VIP After Party, featuring an exclusive reunion performance by the band. See "Back to 'School of Rock'," August 23, for more on the event. Read a full review of The School of Rock.
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