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Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

Rated PG-13, 89 min. Directed by Trent Cooper. Starring Larry the Cable Guy, Iris Bahr, Joanna Cassidy, Bruce Bruce, Brooke Dillman, Megyn Price, Joe Pantoliano.

REVIEWED By Steve Davis, Fri., March 31, 2006

(Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things”) Cheez Whiz with crackers and butt cracks on plumbers Guys who drive pickups bigger than Hummers Larry the Cable Guy in a movie These are the things that a redneck will see Shirts with no sleeves and stupid one-liners Flatulence plenty in greasy-spoon diners Larry must solve a gastro-mystery A red state’s idea of great comedy Un-PC humor that makes you go, “Ew” Jokes about vomit and nasty doo-doo Nothing much here but cruder than crude Larry the Cable Guy is one gross dude As I watch this As I shiver Before I lose all aplomb I realize Larry is hardly for me And so I give this the BOMB! (Note: Not one gratuitous “Git-Er-Done!” was uttered during the composition of this review.)