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A Kiss Before Dying

Rated R, 94 min. Directed by James Dearden. Starring Matt Dillon, Sean Young, Max Von Sydow, James Russo, Martha Gehman, Adam Horovitz.

REVIEWED By Steve Davis, Fri., May 10, 1991

The good things of American life -- money, status, success -- are only a marriage or murder away for the anti-hero in A Kiss Before Dying. Beyond that, however, that's all this film superficially contemplates; any moral ambiguities that it might have pondered about getting ahead in a capitalistic system are lost in a badly constructed plot. Director-screenwriter Dearden, who wrote the script for Fatal Attraction, does a terrible job of making the pieces of the who's-he-going-to-kill-next narrative stick; jumping around with an unnerving frequency, this film self-destructs before your very eyes.