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This Week in Coldness:

They're right there on Airport Boulevard, where the goodness is funky and the funk is getting good. Thursday Night Camp-Inn Relive the outdoorsy experience inside. Thu., 8:30pm. $5. Raney Nights It's Scott Raney's talk show! Thu., 10pm. Bad Boys, featuring improv by boys who are, well, somewhat rude, let's say. Fri., 8:30pm. Live at ColdTowne is stand-up comedy. Fri., 10pm. Thank God It's Saturday! Improv brings relief, spelled Y-E-S-A-N-D. Sat., 8:30pm. The Frank Mills and their smart, character-driven improv, run rampant with Midnight Society. Sat., 10pm. And don't forget the rest o' the week: Stand-up with The Jam (with Oh, Science! on Sundays, Maggie Maye's stand-up mic on Mondays, the ongoing Stool Pigeon on Tuesdays, improv antics with Miller and Purselly and Cagematch on Wednesdays, and – yes, check the website!

ColdTowne Theater, 4803-B Airport, Austin, 512/814-8696