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It's … Institutional!

Level Up That Brently Heilbron is showcasing brand new stand-ups here. Thu., Dec. 18, 8pm. $5. Comedy Dance Camp: Grinding on Strangers A-henh! And they're letting Ted Meredith direct this spectacle of public frottage, too. Fri., Dec. 19, 8pm. $10. The Late Night Time Machine Christmas Special Spectacular will, we reckon, blow your jingly mind. Fri., Dec. 19, 10pm. $10. Fuck, It's Christmas! Sketching the shit out of this ho-ho-holiday season. Recommended, especially if you ever felt like shivving Santa. Sat., Dec. 20, 8pm. $10. Christmas at the Cozy Mountain Inn Can the Snowbelles, directed by Will Cleveland, save the Inn before it's too late? Sat., Dec. 20, 10pm. $10.

Institution Theater, 3708 Woodbury, Austin, 895-9580

www.theinstitutiontheater.com, info@theinstitutiontheater.com