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It's … Institutional!

Date Night In which Regina Soto and Jo Chauvin host a variety show about the awkward garden where relationships bloom. Fridays, 8pm. Through Aug. 22. $12. Batshyt Crazy: Live Rude Puppets Yes, you read that right. Fridays, 10pm. Through Aug. 22. $10. Girls Girls Girls: The Boys of Summer Those lovely lilting ladies who do improv musicals? Here's their annual outing with a new male guest star each week. This final week: Audience Choice. Saturdays, 8pm. Through Aug. 23. $12. Fresh Roasted A sort of Austintatious PeeWee's Playhouse from the mind of Brandon Martin – with a coffee machine called Neil Decaf Tyson. Saturdays, 10pm. Through Aug. 23. $10.

Institution Theater, 3708 Woodbury, Austin, 895-9580

www.theinstitutiontheater.com, info@theinstitutiontheater.com