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It's … Hideoutrageous!

Yes, the Hideout's been around for a while, now – but somehow they're fresher than ever: The Big Bash Some of the best performers in town – an improv dream team – invite you to this party on the stage. Fri., 8pm. $15. Pgraph Presents Now playing: Parallelogramophonograph and In Our Prime. Fri., 10pm. $10. Charles Dickens Unleashed The holiday improv hit returns in full, orphan-enhanced splendor. Sat., 8pm. $12. Sat., 8pm. $12. Maestro A whole stage-full of wild imps, battling for victory. Always recommended, especially if it's your first time seeing live improv. Sat., 10pm. $12. The Weekender Student showcases, veteran vehicles, and more. Sun., 8pm. $5. Same Year's Eve The entire goddam Austin improv community, pretty much, attempts to cram itself onstage and perform their most outrageous acts of narrative spontaneity and spirit, saving just enough energy and gumption for the next night's NYE blow-out. Tue., Dec. 30, 8pm. $10. New Year's Eve Improv Extravaganza Consign 2014 to the dustbin of history with this final night of improv goodness and toasting-treats. (Note: Early show's got chocolate, late show's got champagne. Either show will tie a bow of joy around your brain.) Wed., Dec. 31, 8 & 10:30pm. $30.

The Hideout Theatre, 617 Congress, Austin, 512/476-0473