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It's … Hideoutrageous!

Yes, the Hideout's been around for a while, now – but goodgawdamighty they're fresher than ever: The Threefer Three improv troupes, yes. Thu., 8pm. $5. Free Fringe Just about anything goes, because yes. Thu., 10pm. Free. 2 x 4 A tetralogy of duos! Fri., 7:30pm. $5. The Big Bash Some of the best performers in town – an improv dream team – invite you to this party on the stage. Fri., 8pm. $15. Pgraph Presents Now playing: Parallelogramophonograph and Available Cupholders. Fri., 10pm. $10. One Small Step In space everyone can hear you improv. Sat., 6pm. $10. Austin Secrets The smash hit returns, with all your sins remembered. Sat., 8pm. $12. Maestro A whole stage-full of wild imps, battling for victory. Always recommended, especially if it's your first time seeing live improv. Sat., 10pm. $12. The Weekender Student showcases, veteran vehicles, and more. Sun., 8pm. $5.

The Hideout Theatre, 617 Congress, Austin, 512/476-0473