Happy Folliesgiving!

Musical comedy skits, magic, and a political satirical revue with the bustling backdrop of Sixth Street on view through the stagefront window! So many rollicking send-ups in this month's fresh line-up. The “News of the Minute” medley spotlights Putin’s cryin’ over the Crimea, Palin beatin’ up unsuspecting Ray Rice, and Hillary and Bill Clinton ridin’ easy back into the White House; and of course, just like climate change, there's more, more, more. Bonus: The large-scale wonders and arch antics of magician Ray Anderson, featuring his new "Cannon Trick." Come and take it, baby! Reservations recommended. Thu., 8pm; Fri.-Sat., 8 & 10pm. $24-29.

Esther's Follies, 525 E. Sixth, 512/320-0553


Kat Roast: A Beneficial Beatdown

Stand-up comedian Kat Ramzinski recently got, as you may recall, the shit beat out of her by a gang of mugging shitheels. She's recuperating just fine, thanks, and now her funniest pals – Brian Gaar, Ramin Nazer, Katie Pengra, Ryan Cownie, and more – are putting her onstage to roast the shit out of her, in what's certain to be one hell of a hilarious night. Bonus: The proceeds go to pay for Ramzinski's remaining med bills. Bonus: Maggie Maye is the roastmaster. Bonus: As with all roasts, the Kat's gonna have a chance to strike back at her roasters. Rec-rec-recommended! 7:00. $10.

Spider House Ballroom, 2906 Fruth, 512/480-9562