Hard Gravel Reunion Show

So Sam "Zero Charisma" Eidson and his cronies from that country-western-comedy web series "Hard Gravel" are reconvening to present this night of stand-up comedy (with Ramin Nazer! Ryan Cownie! Kerri Lendo!) and live music (by White Bronco! John Schooley's One Man Band!) and we figured, you know, we'd pass the good word your way. Git along now, party animals. Sat., Dec. 7, 10pm.

Beerland, 711 Red River, 512/479-7625


It's … Institutional!

Scrimmage Teams explore Harold-inspired longform improvisation. Through Aug. 7. Thu., 8pm. $5. Date Night In which Regina Soto and Jo Chauvin host a variety show about the awkward garden where relationships bloom. Fridays, 8pm. Through Aug. 22. $12. Batshyt Crazy: Live Rude Puppets Yes, you read that right. Fridays, 10pm. Through Aug. 22. $10. Girls Girls Girls: The Boys of Summer Those lovely lilting ladies who do improv musicals? Here's their annual outing with a new male guest star each week. This week: Michael Jastroch. Saturdays, 8pm; Through Aug. 23. $12. Fresh Roasted A sort of Austintatious PeeWee's Playhouse from the mind of Brandon Martin – with a coffee machine called Neil Decaf Tyson. Saturdays, 10pm. Through Aug. 23. $10.

Institution Theater, 3708 Woodbury, 895-9580

www.theinstitutiontheater.com, info@theinstitutiontheater.com

It's … Subterranean!

Ah, it's that underground space Downtown, swarming with improvisers and stand-up comics and so on – right there on the corner of Seventh and Lavaca. Student Union with Green Amulet. Thu., 7pm. Free. Lights Up Three improv troupes! Thu., 8pm. $5. Block Party. Comedy open mic, hosted by Terance McDavid and Yusef Roach. Thu., 9:30pm. $5-7. Megan Simon: Impressionable Fri., 9pm. $7-10. Plugged: Never Ending Comedy Competition Fri., 10:30pm. $5-7. TNMTV: Inside the Minds of TNM Sat., 8pm. $5. Bad Example Sketchy people from a sketchy planet. Sat., 9pm. $7-10. The Megaphone Show Sat., 10:30pm. $5. Pass the Mic It's stand-up with a twist. Sun., 8pm. $5. … and you know the Opposites do their thing on Wednesday nights, right? Wed., 8pm. $5. See website for more.

New Movement Theater, 616 Lavaca, 512/788-2669


It's Hideoutrageous!

Here's your one-stop Downtown emporium of laughter, art, and sweet coffee drinks (and now: wine cocktails). And, look: The Threefer Three improv troupes, yes. . Thu., 8pm. $5. Free Fringe Just about anything goes, here, because yes. Thu., 10pm. Free. Fancy-Pants Mashup Theodore Marley Brooks, watch your ass. Fri., 7:30pm. $5. The Big Bash Some of the best performers in town – an improv dream team – invite you to this party on the stage. Fri., 8pm. $15. Pgraph Presents Parallelogramophonograph shares the stage with The Escorts. Fri., 10pm. $10. The Dahl House Merrily, they Roald along! Sat., 6pm. $10. International Improv Experience More than 20 partner theatres around the world issue improv challenges to these Austin improvisers. Sat., 8pm. $12. Maestro A whole stage-full of wild imps, battling for victory. Always recommended, especially if it's your first time seeing live improv. Sat., 10pm. $12. The Weekender with The Special Features headlining. Sun., 8pm. $5.

The Hideout Theatre, 617 Congress, 512/476-0473


Sure Thing

A stand-up showcase hosted by Duncan Carson and Brendan K. O'Grady. You need to know more than that, Austinite, you don't know what's funny. Saturdays, 8pm.

Austin Java, 1206 Parkway, 512/476-1829


This Week in Coldness:

Check out what's going on in this down-the-road-from-that-burger-joint hotbed of comedy: The U.S.A. and The Ladies Two troupes turn your shitty-day stories into improv gold.Thu., 8:30pm. $5. GameTowne A variety show? Yes, and. Thu., 10pm. $5. Movie Riot Fri., 7pm. $5. Bad Boys, featuring good improv by boys who are, well, other than polite, let's say. Fri., 8:30pm. $5. Live at ColdTowne is stand-up comedy. Fri., 10pm. Improv Fantasy League A monthlong tournament of champions. Sat., 8:30pm. $7-10. The Frank Mills and their smart, character-driven improv, with the sketchers of Midnight Society. Sat., 10pm. $7. Big Beautiful Warrior Q'pla! Sat., 11pm. Pay what you wish. Aaaaand don't forget the rest o' the week, with Oh, Science! on Sundays and Miller and Purselley on Wednesdays and – yes, check the website!

ColdTowne Theater, 4803-B Airport, 512/814-8696