Doug Stanhope

The man, the plan, the legend of comedy. With recent Chron cover icon JT Habersaat opening for a night of hilarity. 9:00. $25.

Mohawk, 912 Red River, 512/482-8404


Farewell Summertime Blues

Musical comedy skits, magic, and a political satirical revue with the bustling backdrop of Sixth Street on view through the stagefront window! So many rollicking send-ups in this month's fresh line-up. Check your immigration status in the “Border Line Crazy!” musical send-up about traveling across the border; deep in the heartland of Texas, “Wendy, Get Your Gun" hits the campaign trail with singing and swinging rivals Wendy Davis and Rick Perry; and of course, just like climate change, there's more, more, more. Bonus: The large-scale wonders and arch antics of magician Ray Anderson, featuring his "Eclipse" and "Modern Art" illusions. Reservations recommended. Thu., 8pm; Fri.-Sat., 8 & 10pm. $24-29.

Esther's Follies, 525 E. Sixth, 512/320-0553


Friday Latenight

Avery Moore showcases some of the best stand-ups working toward the blue end of the spectrum. Fridays, 11pm.

Velveeta Room, 521 E. Sixth, 512/469-9116


It's … Hideoutrageous!

The Threefer Three improv troupes, yes. Thu., 8pm. $5. Free Fringe Just about anything goes, here, because yes. Thu., 10pm. Free. 2 x 4 Four improv duos! Fri., 7:30pm. $5. The Big Bash Some of the best performers in town – an improv dream team – invite you to this party on the stage. Fri., 8pm. $15. Pgraph Presents House troupe Parallelogramophonograph with the Escorts Fri., 10pm. $10. Maestro RAW Students fight! Sat., 6pm. $10. Reform School for Girls Oh, those bad, bad, bad, bad girls. From the 1970s, no less. Sat., 8pm. $12. Maestro A whole stage-full of wild imps, battling for victory. Always recommended, especially if it's your first time seeing live improv. Sat., 10pm. $12. The Weekender Student showcases, with Chu Topp. Sun., 8pm.

The Hideout Theatre, 617 Congress, 512/476-0473


It's … Institutional!

Crash Every Party with socially progressive improv troupe iScream Sandwich, with free cocktails included! Fridays, 8pm. Through Oct. 31. $12. Late Night Time Machine A talk show featuring icons from history! Sigmund Freud? Marie Curie? Ada Lovelace? Liberace? Only Teddy Hancox knows for sure. Fridays, 10pm. Through Sept. 26. $10. RISEN: Improv set in World War Z It's horribly zombified, innit? Saturdays, 8pm. Through Nov. 1. $12. Mouthing Off A stand-up showdown, hosted by Regina Soto. Saturdays, 10pm. Through Sept. 20. $10. The Rubber Room is an open improv jam, yo, so join in – if you dare. Sundays, 8pm. Through Sept. 28. Free.

Institution Theater, 3708 Woodbury, 895-9580

www.theinstitutiontheater.com, info@theinstitutiontheater.com

It's … Subterranean!

Ah, it's that underground space Downtown, swarming with improvisers and stand-up comics and so on – right there on the corner of Seventh and Lavaca. Student Union with Level 5. Thu., 7pm. Free. Lights Up Three improv troupes! Thu., 8pm. $5. Block Party. Comedy open mic, hosted by Terance McDavid and Yusef Roach. Thu., 9:30pm. $5-7. Water Park: Musical Improv Fri., 9pm. $7-10. Plugged: Fucked-up Show-n-Tell Fri., 10:30pm. $5-7. Film Trivia Throwdown Sat., 8pm. $5. Bad Example Sketching like no one has sketched before. Sat., 9pm. $5. The Megaphone Show Sat., 10:30pm. $5. Pass the Mic It's stand-up with a twist. Sun., 8pm. $5. … and you know the Opposites do their thing on Wednesday nights, right? Wed., 8pm. $5. See website for more.

New Movement Theater, 616 Lavaca, 512/788-2669


Jason James

Continuing its spree of alliteratively named headliners, the Velv brings us this radio-famous (Eye Opener, Kidd Kraddick) James – with opener, OMG, it's J.C. Shakespeare. Sept. 19-20. Fri., 9pm; Sat., 9 & 11pm. $10.

Velveeta Room, 521 E. Sixth, 512/469-9116


Josh Wolf

Sure, you know him from his appearances on "Chelsea Lately" and all those TV shows he's written for. Now you know he's at Cap City, with Jiffy Wild opening. Sept. 18-20. Thu., 8pm; Fri.-Sat., 8 & 10:30pm. $12-21.

Cap City Comedy Club, 8120 Research #100, 512/467-2333


OverFlo Comedy

"Comedians at different levels of experience." Fridays, 9pm. Free.

Buffalo Billiards, 201 E. Sixth, 512/479-7665

www.buffalobilliards.com, flotographicarts@gmail.com

This Week in Coldness:

Check out what's going on in this down-the-road-from-that-burger-joint hotbed of comedy: The Fuckin' Media, Man! You think Colbert is news-based over-the-top rightwing satire? Ha! Check this shit out. Thu., 8:30pm. $5. The Mission Real-life storytelling, hosted by Bob Khosravi. Thu., 10pm. $5. Movie Riot: Spinoff Summer You chose the movie, they'll do the spinoff. Fri., 7pm. $5. Bad Boys, featuring good improv by boys who are, well, other than polite, let's say. Fri., 8:30pm. $5. Live at ColdTowne is stand-up comedy. Fri., 10pm. It's Saturday Night! And this is SNL-inspired variety, from peops of all the Five Families. Sat., 8:30pm. $5-8. The Frank Mills and their smart, character-driven improv, with the sketchers of Midnight Society. Sat., 10pm. $7. Play by Play: Improv Sat., 11pm. Pay what you wish. Aaaaand don't forget the rest o' the week, with Oh, Science! on Sundays and Miller and Purselley on Wednesdays and – yes, check the website!

ColdTowne Theater, 4803-B Airport, 512/814-8696