Summer Fun 2014





Summer Film Classics: World War I Film Series: Gallipoli

Young men go off to war and lose their innocence in this Australian film. (Double bill: The African Queen.)

9:05PM, Paramount Theatre, 713 Congress

AFS Essential Cinema: Liv & Ingmar: The Passion of Anna

A man and a woman who have recently lost their spouses momentarily find solace in each other until complications arise.

7:30PM, The Marchesa Hall & Theatre, 6406 N I-35


  • Flatbed Press: Summer Selections

    This show boasts a wide array of prints from local and international artists who've worked at Flatbed during the past two-and-a-half decades: Lilianna Porter, Samson Mnisi, Randy Twaddle, Dan Rizzie, Liz Ward, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Billy Hassel, Lee Smith, Keith Carter, Dennis Fagan, Greg Murr, Frank X Tolbert 2, Mary McCleary, Luis Jimenez, Ken Hale, Sandria Hu, Jack Craft, Pete Duggins, Sterling Allen, Celia Muñoz, Joan Winter, Ann Conner, Robert Levers, James Surls, and others. Talk about your company of glory, right? Highly recommended. Through Sep. 13.

    Flatbed Press, 2830 E. MLK, 512/477-9328,

  • SVT Gallery: Shit I Can't Touch

    Artist Jamie Rhodes, recently diagnosed with a severe allergy to the common alloy nickel, presents a collection of vivid photographs of things she can no longer safely touch. Printed large and glossy on sheets of aluminum and separated by pairs of the gloves Rhodes must constantly wear, this series greets the eyes with a bold Whasssup, human? and interrogates the complexities of flesh. Through July 20.

    Salvage Vanguard Theater, 2803 Manor Rd., 512/474-7886

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