Summer Fun 2014





  • Church of the Passionate Cat

    What do you get when you cross film noir with metaphysics, and nightclub partying with a revival meeting, and you co-produce the entire crypto-detective, mirror-ball-in-the-shadows thing with Austin's Rude Mechs? You get the second stagework from Underbelly, whose first production Slip River so thoroughly wowed audiences, and you get a buzz of anticipation throughout the naked city for this max work of theirs. Bonus: Hannah Kenah stars as the caper's boozy shamus. May 8-18. Thu.-Fri. & Sun., 8pm; Sat., 8 & 10pm. Thu., May 8 - Sun., May 18, (2014), $15 ($10, students)

    The Off Center, 2211-A Hidalgo, 512/476-7833

  • Big Medium: Pillow Book as Inheritance

    Terri Thomas – whose shows are always a welcome spectacle of technical brilliance, stunning graphics, and arch humor – explores notions of birthright through her variation of a Japanese Shunga Pillow Book: a folded-paper manual on the ways of intimacy, with explicitly illustrated sexual advice. Highly recommended. Through June 7. Fri.-Sat., noon-6pm.

    Canopy, 916 Springdale

  • grayDUCK Gallery: Venomous Cabbage and Other Demands Satisfied

    San Antonio's Leigh Anne Lester inaugurates the new grayDUCK space with her intricately detailed representations of plant species, inspired by genetic modification and evoking thoughts on the environmental effects humans may be creating. Gorgeous work on the Eastside. Through June 1.

    grayDUCK Gallery, 2213 E. Cesar Chavez, 512/826-5334,

  • It's … Institutional!

    Crash Every Party with socially progressive improv troupe iScream Sandwich, with free cocktails included! Fridays, 8pm. Through Oct. 31. $12. Late Night Time Machine A talk show featuring icons from history! Sigmund Freud? Marie Curie? Ada Lovelace? Liberace? Only Teddy Hancox knows for sure. Fridays, 10pm. Through Sept. 26. $10. RISEN: Improv set in World War Z It's horribly zombified, innit? Saturdays, 8pm. Through Nov. 1. $12. Mouthing Off A stand-up showdown, hosted by Regina Soto. Saturdays, 10pm. Through Sept. 20. $10. The Rubber Room is an open improv jam, yo, so join in – if you dare. Sundays, 8pm. Through Sept. 28. Free.

    Institution Theater, 3708 Woodbury, 895-9580,