Cinema 41: Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench

This black-and-white micro-indie musical has earned rave reviews and comparisons to everything from the French New Wave to MGM's Golden Age song-and-dance spectacles. A live Skype interview with the director will take place after the screening.

7PM, Austin Studios Screening Room, 1901 E. 51st St.


  • Fronterafest 2013: Best of the Fest!

    Fronterafest's all over for another year, people, except for this Short Fringe: Best of the Fest part –and I'm glad to tell you that any night of this line-up is worth seeing, because you'll laugh, you might cry, you will be extremely fucking entertained at all times. [Full disclosure: I helped decide which shows got to be presented again this week.] And "Austin's Best Monologist" – it's true!Steven Tomlinson debuts his new "How to Use Evernote" piece in the Wild Card Bill. You'd best hurry, though, because these nights (and one matinee) of no-fail theatrical enjoyment are selling out so fast you'd think they were Tim Doyle prints or something! See website for full schedule details. Wed.-Sat., Feb. 14-16, 8pm.

    Hyde Park Theatre, 511 W. 43rd, 512/479-7529


  • North Hills Gallery: Beyond Limits

    New paintings by Greta Olivas. Through Feb. 3. 7050 Village Center,


  • Community

    • Anansi & the Golden Box of Stories

      This puppet show tells the story of the original Spider-Man who quests to bring stories to the world. Will Anansi complete the tasks necessary to win the box of tales? 3:30pm. Free.

      Yarborough Branch Library, 2200 Hancock, 974-9820


    • Thursday Night Social Ride

      Loads of cyclists take part in this friendly, socially paced ride of 12 to 15 miles. Riders will stop for cars and try not to block intersections along the way. This adult ride concludes at a different bar each week. Thursdays, 7pm. Free.

      Festival Beach, 2101 Bergman


    • Ask the Psychopomp

      Wendy Vastine invites you to roll the dice and get advice … or a song, or a peek into whatever it is you seek about life, love, death…. Frontera, baby. Fringey! 8pm. $16.

      Salvage Vanguard Theater, 2803 Manor Rd., 512/474-7886


    • DFW

      #TeamTakeOver presents Down for Whatever, a Hip-hop hell-yeah with Yella Stud, DJ LaDiDa, and friends. Thursdays, 10pm. Free 21+; $5, 18-21.

      Basement, 422 Congress, 832/878-4527