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Best NKOTNB (New Kid on the Naughty Block): Q Toys

In the grand tradition of human-centric, feminist sex-toy shops, Q Toys emerges on Austin's scene triumphant. Quality vibes and toys are laid out smartly on clean shelves for you to test. Q Toys' ingenious lube bar is the place to compare the relative merits of each: too sticky, too slick ... just right! With in-store workshops (which are mind-bogglingly F-R-E-E) and the know-how of owner Stephanie Boggs, you'll walk away with a lifelong friend, because almost all the products, like our Jimmyjane Little Chroma, are built to last. BzzzzZZzzZzZzzzz. That's right.

Q Toys
6800 Burnet Rd., 512/772-1614,