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Best at Safely Gesticulating: APD Bicycle Patrol

With Austin's growing bike-ceptance comes the very real challenges of sharing the asphalt. Blasé and entitled auto drivers are just as much a public threat as cyclists who run stop signs, stealthily sidle past rows of waiting cars, and don't use their damn hand signals. Sorry, embattled road warriors, you have nothing on the be-helmeted APD Bike Patrol, who lead by example in this arena, always safely signaling their two-wheeled intentions. Arm up, arm out, arm down. Grateful drivers and pedestrians are better for it. Whoa, we just wrote a whole entry without objectifying the Bicycle Patrol for their Lieutenant Dangle-style short-shorts - whoops, just did! Sorry. Now, if we can just get your engine-bound po-po compadres to use their turn signals…

Austin Police Department
715 E. Eighth, 512/974-5000

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