Best of Austin

Best of Austin

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Best Activist Group Performance: Liveable City

Best Bus Driver: Capital Metro's Arthur Murillo

Best City Bureaucrat: Laura Huffman

Best Demo: TIE: Stop the War in Iraq (March 15-20), Support the Texas 11 (Aug. 9)

Best District Judge: Judge Jeanne Meurer

Best Drug Deal: Rep. Terry Keel and Sen. Rodney Ellis Brokering the Tulia Bonds

Best First Step: The Austin Office of the Police Monitor

Best Floor Speech: Rep. Dawnna Dukes

Best Grassroots Start-Up: Austin Progressive Potluckers

Best Guilty Pleasure: Benjamin McKenzie

Best Internet Safety Net and Digital Divide Bridge: Ana Sisnett and Austin Free-Net

Best Lobby Victory: LGRL Against the Gay Foster Parents Ban

Best Local Holiday: No Pants Day

Best Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host to Run a Sex Shop: Janina Valdez of 365 Days 365 Ways

Best People's Accountants: TIE: Texans for Public Justice, Campaigns for People, Cris Feldman

Best Photo Op: Will Wynn Takes a Dive

Best Role Model: Carolyn Mosley Samuel

Best Shout-Out to a Lost Austin Legend: The Willie Wells Story

Best Unsuccessful City Council Candidates: TIE: Margot Clarke; Carl Tepper; Scott Marks; Robert Singleton

Best Vote: Rep. Eddie Rodriguez vs. the Pro-War Resolution

Best Way to Subvert the Dominant Paradigm: Unclear Winner:

Biggest Presidential Surprise: The Howard Dean Campaign

Most Helpful State Agency: Secretary of State