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Michael Ventura

Contributing Writer, Letters at 3AM


Michael Ventura's recent books are If I Was a Highway: Essays by Michael Ventura and Photographs by Butch Hancock (2011) and Cassavetes Directs: John Cassavetes and the Making of Love Streams (2007). His novel-in-progress, The Dragon, is very long.

12 articles in 1996

An Off-Key Carol

Column, Dec. 20, 1996

Music To Know America By

Letters at 3AM

Column, Dec. 6, 1996

Curriculum II: America Is an Artist

Letters at 3AM

Column, Nov. 22, 1996

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Column, Nov. 8, 1996

The Evil of Two Lessers, Part II

Column, Oct. 25, 1996

The Evil of Two Lessers

Column, Oct. 11, 1996

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Column, Sep. 13, 1996

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer

Column, Aug. 16, 1996

The Ex-Files, Part III

Column, Aug. 2, 1996

The Ex-Files, Part II

Column, Jul. 19, 1996

The Ex-Files

Column, Jul. 5, 1996

A Slight Silence at a Small Gathering

Column, Jun. 21, 1996