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Marjorie Baumgarten

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Marjorie Baumgarten is a film critic and senior editor at The Austin Chronicle, where she has worked in many capacities since the paper's founding in 1981. She has been the Chronicle's Film Reviews editor for the last 25 years, and her work has also appeared in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Film Comment.

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Mothering Heights

Screens Column, May. 12, 1995

Once Were Warriors

Harrowing is the first word that comes to mind when describing this movie. You can tell from the opening shot that Once Were Warriors will...

Film Review, May. 5, 1995

Top Dog

Talk about your bad timing… Top Dog chases after balls that turn out to be grenades. Karate kicker and action star Chuck Norris here plays...

Film Review, May. 5, 1995

The Devil, Probably

French filmmaker Robert Bresson is like no other. This is a fact; not idle flattery. His ascetic and spiritually-minded films fit no definable category or...

Film Review, Apr. 28, 1995

The Basketball Diaries

Drug abuse is not a pretty sight. This movie made from Jim Carroll's autobiographical book about growing up addicted in 1960s Manhattan abuses drugs in...

Film Review, Apr. 28, 1995

Stuart Saves His Family

This is the most bizarre local release I can remember: Stuart Saves his Family is opening only at Movies 12 and will only be shown...

Film Review, Apr. 28, 1995

Jefferson in Paris

Why it is that a movie would deign to take liberties with history and then, in practice, smother its own instincts, is something I'll never...

Film Review, Apr. 21, 1995

Before the Rain

Manchevski's debut film impresses with its cagey temporal structure, incredible cinematography that exposes the precipitous Macedonian landscape, beautiful performances, and a thematic structure that adds to our understanding of specific and universal issues.

Film Review, Apr. 14, 1995

Cafe Au Lait

First-time French filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz's Café au Lait bears more than a passing resemblance to Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It, both in terms of...

Film Review, Apr. 7, 1995

Tommy Boy

As a mismatched pair, Farley and Spade have their comic moments, with the big galoot playing off the little jerk.

Film Review, Apr. 7, 1995

Paul Bowles: The Complete Outsider

Writers who are not as well known as it seems they ought to be are often termed “writers' writers.” Such is the case with Paul...

Film Review, Mar. 31, 1995


Very little is as it seems in the uncompromising world of Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan. Exotica, which won the critics' prize at last year's Cannes...

Film Review, Mar. 31, 1995

Tom & Viv

The Tom and Viv under scrutiny in this movie are none other than T.S. Eliot and his wife Vivienne. Eliot we all recognize as one...

Film Review, Mar. 17, 1995

Miami Rhapsody

Miami Rhapsody's aspirations are clear. It longs to be a Gershwin Manhattan. Easy-listening rum & Coke is more like what it achieves. Even if Mia...

Film Review, Mar. 3, 1995

Strawberry and Chocolate

Tolerance is the main theme of this fascinating new film from Cuba. The story tracks the development of an improbable friendship between two Cuban men,...

Film Review, Mar. 3, 1995

Latcho Drom

Gypsy music is the subject of this movie. Latcho Drom travels through India, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France, and Spain presenting the musical history...

Film Review, Feb. 24, 1995

Helas Pour Moi

Three or so decades ago, director Jean-Luc Godard was recognized as one of the seismic forces of the French New Wave that introduced us to...

Film Review, Feb. 17, 1995

Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead

It's somehow fitting that a movie with this unwieldy a title should also feature a cast of actors that virtually runs off the edge of...

Film Review, Feb. 16, 1995

The Jerky Boys

The dumbing down of America has picked up steam recently, if our movies are any indication. First it was those dang Gumpisms, then we got...

Film Review, Feb. 10, 1995

Vanya On 42nd Street

So many elements of excellence go into the making of Vanya on 42nd Street that it's amazing they all converge so seamlessly into the whole...

Film Review, Feb. 10, 1995

I, the Worst of All

Based on the book The Traps of Faith by Octavio Paz, this Argentinean film takes place in 17th century “New Spain” (Mexico) and Juana Ines de la Cruz enters a nunnery to pursue her intellectual aims.

Film Review, Feb. 3, 1995

Before Sunrise

Richard Linklater takes one of the oldest romantic formulas in the book – strangers on a train – and creates a soulful melding of hearts, minds, and camera.

Film Review, Jan. 27, 1995

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle

We all think we know her: Dorothy Parker, an American icon, urbane wit, high priestess of the bon mot, modern template for the self-destructive female...

Film Review, Jan. 20, 1995

Legends of the Fall

No question about it: Brad Pitt is gorgeous. Legends of the Fall exhibits that in spades. But, somehow, it doesn't seem appropriate that Pitt's beauty...

Film Review, Jan. 13, 1995


Hunh? I'm sure this was not the reaction Jodie Foster was seeking with this initial release from her new production company Egg Pictures. Foster stars...

Film Review, Jan. 6, 1995

Safe Passage

Though the title might lead one to expect some kind of disaster story or tense thriller, Safe Passage is actually a family drama about the...

Film Review, Jan. 6, 1995

Rapa Nui

This story is set on Easter Island in 1682 and tells about a contest in which two native lads compete in the grueling Birdman ritual...

Film Review, Jan. 6, 1995

A Troll in Central Park

Most of the folks I know who troll Central Park are not doing the kinds of things that can be depicted in an animated kiddie...

Film Review, Dec. 30, 1994

Dumb and Dumber

Finally -- the exception that proves the rule: there is such a thing as truth in advertising. Dumb and Dumber is… well, dumb and dumber....

Film Review, Dec. 23, 1994

Ready to Wear (Pret-A-porter)

Ready to Wear is no designer item. Director Robert Altman trips on the fashion world's runway in his latest release whose title has been Americanized...

Film Review, Dec. 23, 1994

Squanto: A Warrior's Tale

Here's a news flash: Native Americans get the shaft… again. This movie about the warrior Squanto, who, after his capture by the British in the...

Film Review, Dec. 16, 1994


They quip well together. I'll give Michael Keaton and Geena Davis that much. Since not much else occurs in Speechless, this quipping chemistry is a...

Film Review, Dec. 16, 1994


Just who does Michael Douglas think he is? As an actor, he is honing his “victimized, white, middle-class male” persona into a fine art, and...

Film Review, Dec. 9, 1994

Imaginary Crimes

Never was there a man more ill-equipped to be a father who tried so terribly hard to be one. Such are Sonya Weiler's sentiments about...

Film Review, Dec. 9, 1994


L.627 is an article in the French Public Health Code that prosecutes all offenses related to the possession, trade, and consumption of narcotics. This also...

Film Review, Dec. 2, 1994


This bio-pic, set in 16th-century Europe, depicts the life and times of the famed physician and prognositicator Nostradamus. His adherents claim his predictions included the...

Film Review, Dec. 2, 1994

Love After Love

In her early films like Peppermint Soda and Entre Nous, French filmmaker Diane Kurys gravitated toward stories about female friendships and coming of age issues....

Film Review, Nov. 25, 1994


What do you call the son of a Terminator and a Baby Maker? Why, Junior, of course. As directed by Ivan Reitman, Arnold Schwarzenegger's newest...

Film Review, Nov. 25, 1994

The Conviction

Once upon a time, Italian filmmaker Marco Bellochio's name was uttered in the same anticipatory breath as Bertolucci's and Pasolini's. His first couple of films...

Film Review, Nov. 18, 1994


Bosna! is an impassioned polemic about the ongoing war in the former Yugoslavia. The voiceover narration by French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy valorizes the Bosnian resistance...

Film Review, Nov. 11, 1994

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