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Marjorie Baumgarten is a film critic and senior editor at The Austin Chronicle, where she has worked in many capacities since the paper's founding in 1981. She has been the Chronicle's Film Reviews editor for the last 25 years, and her work has also appeared in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Film Comment.

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The Ballad of Little Jo

This conscious attempt to put a new spin on the Western offers a little seen perspective on the American frontier. Inspired by the life of...

Film Review, Nov. 5, 1993

The Speed Racer Show

“Go, Speed, Go.” That refrain, whether in the theme song or in the script, were usually the best thing about this TV show. Created in...

Film Review, Oct. 29, 1993

Nosferatu With Live Musical Accompaniment by Dick Price

This will be the final screening of Nosferatu backed with local musician Dick Price's live, original piano accompaniment. No one has ever matched this 1922...

Film Review, Oct. 29, 1993

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Stop-motion photography creates a macabre world of make-believe.

Film Review, Oct. 29, 1993


Freeman makes his directing debut with this fact-based fiction set in a South African township about the challenges faced by a black police officer and...

Film Review, Oct. 22, 1993

Dangerous Touch

There's no delicate way to say this: Hands off Dangerous Touch. The only thing you might find yourself wanting to touch is yourself, for this...

Film Review, Oct. 22, 1993

Mr. Nanny

Word got out, I guess, that Schwarzenegger had a hit a few years back with Kindergarten Cop. Therefore, some lame-brains figured that – what the...

Film Review, Oct. 15, 1993

The Beverly Hillbillies

Director Penelope Spheeris once again dives head-first into the American cultural crater (Wayne's World, The Boys Next Door, Suburbia, The Decline of Western Civilization) and...

Film Review, Oct. 15, 1993

The Long Day Closes

This sequel to Davies's deeply personal Distant Voices, Still Lives shows us life in the mid-Fifties Liverpool through an 11-year-old's eyes. Reported to be more...

Film Review, Oct. 15, 1993

The Joy Luck Club

I love to cry while watching movies, but I prefer to do it on my own terms. I hate being told when to cry. I'd...

Film Review, Oct. 8, 1993


At times breathtaking, at times frustrating, Orlando is an always intriguing fiction that examines life, literature, social mores and sexual difference over the period of...

Film Review, Oct. 8, 1993

Jacquot de Nantes

French filmmaker Jacques Demy (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Donkey Skin, The Young Girls of Rochefort) died a couple of years ago. His filmmaker wife, Agnes...

Film Review, Oct. 8, 1993


Malice is well-named. It's a seething cauldron of animosity and venom that wants to spill over onto the viewer's lap. Maybe it depends on how...

Film Review, Oct. 1, 1993

The Program

This hodgepodge of little stories about the members of a college football team contending for a championship is flaccid seasonal fare that will do all...

Film Review, Oct. 1, 1993

A Bronx Tale

With A Bronx Tale, Robert De Niro makes a strong debut as a feature film director. The tendency, at first, is to suspect that De...

Film Review, Oct. 1, 1993

Dazed and Confused

Linklater's 1976-set movie is one of the smartest and funniest coming-of-age films ever.

Film Review, Sep. 24, 1993


Filters. I don't normally think about filters as much as I did while watching this movie. If someone had spent half as much time thinking...

Film Review, Sep. 24, 1993

The Young One

In 1961, while still working in Mexico, the great surrealist/moralist/atheist filmmaker Luis Buñuel released his only English language film, The Young One. New 35mm prints...

Film Review, Sep. 17, 1993

Into the West

Into the West takes place once upon a time in modern Ireland. Papa Riley (Byrne) clearly loves his two young sons Tito (Conroy) and Ossie...

Film Review, Sep. 17, 1993

The Wedding Banquet

A darling of the past year's festival circuit, The Wedding Banquet wins fans with its sunny disposition as it turns a contemporary story about a...

Film Review, Sep. 17, 1993


Equinox is a movie in the process of becoming a story. It is alternately frustrating, exciting, irritating, intriguing, isolated and involving. Like the dualities implied...

Film Review, Sep. 10, 1993

Calendar Girl

Mere calendars would be insufficient to gauge the sense of time one experiences while watching this movie. Eons might be a proper context if one...

Film Review, Sep. 10, 1993

Only the Strong

The hook driving this latest entry in the martial arts film sweepstakes is capoeira, the Brazilian athletic technique that combines dance and martial arts moves....

Film Review, Sep. 3, 1993

Father Hood

Although Patrick Swayze has had the good fortune to be associated in the past with a couple of blockbusters (Dirty Dancing and Ghost), with Father...

Film Review, Sep. 3, 1993

The Cure Show

This is rock group the Cure's second feature-length concert film following The Cure in Orange. Filmed with 16 cameras over the course of two nights...

Film Review, Sep. 3, 1993

The Man Without a Face

Pretty boys can act screams this movie, Mel Gibson's directorial debut in which he also stars. (Yeah right, and white men can jump, says I.)...

Film Review, Aug. 27, 1993

The Secret Garden

Neither talking down to children nor pandering to their parents, The Secret Garden functions something like a fairy tale in which the primordial and psychosexual concerns are made palpable and socially acceptable.

Film Review, Aug. 20, 1993

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Steve Davis is a dirty rotten ratfink -- a defiler of tradition, a soiler of the natural order. Since the dawn of the Chronicle, Mr....

Film Review, Aug. 20, 1993

Heart and Souls

Heart and Souls is a pleasant enough little ensemble piece that suffers mostly from a lack of clear direction. It lurches between comedy and drama...

Film Review, Aug. 13, 1993

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer is not so much a character in this movie as a metaphorical presence, a symbol of the search for excellence, the search for...

Film Review, Aug. 13, 1993

In the Soup

This Sundance multiaward-winner provides a fantastic showcase for the outsized vitality of Seymour Cassell, who plays a gangster investing in dour screenwriter Steve Buscemi's work.

Film Review, Aug. 6, 1993


As this Japanese movie opens, Sayoko (Shimizu) and her friend spread out their beach blanket and picnic basket only to discover they have plopped themselves...

Film Review, Jul. 30, 1993

The Story of Qiu Ju

Anyone ever caught in the wheels of bureaucracy will relate to Chinese director Zhang Yimou's latest movie. Though a story about contemporary peasant life in...

Film Review, Jul. 23, 1993

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love... the movie's title echoes those found on the lurid covers of the lesbian pulp novels popular in the Fifties and SIxties. This Canadian...

Film Review, Jul. 23, 1993

Wax, Or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees

Harder to describe than it is to understand, this new cult favorite combines elements of science fiction, cyberpunk aesthetics, post-industrial moral metaphors, Burroughsian cut-ups technique...

Film Review, Jul. 16, 1993

Free Willy

Free Willy is a rousing modern-day fable about hugging whales, overcoming villains in black hats and freeing the enemy within. It is a beautifully photographed...

Film Review, Jul. 16, 1993

In the Line of Fire

The only thing “that's not gonna happen” (to quote the movie's catch-phrase) is box-office failure for In the Line of Fire. Eastwood's latest, in which...

Film Review, Jul. 9, 1993

The Firm

With The Firm, Tom Cruise has descended from A Few Good Men to A Few Bad Men. Though he's still working his way through the...

Film Review, Jul. 2, 1993


Son-in-Law's only real surprise is that it's so much better than it has to be. Of course, you have to be expecting the worst in...

Film Review, Jul. 2, 1993

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall...” In 1937 Disney animators turned this Brothers Grimm story into a film classic which has now been newly re-mastered for...

Film Review, Jul. 2, 1993

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