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Marjorie Baumgarten

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Marjorie Baumgarten is a film critic and senior editor at The Austin Chronicle, where she has worked in many capacities since the paper's founding in 1981. She has been the Chronicle's Film Reviews editor for the last 25 years, and her work has also appeared in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Film Comment.

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Blue Chips

Written over 12 years ago by Ron Shelton (the writer and director of Bull Durham and White Men Can't Jump), the story of Blue Chips...

Film Review, Feb. 25, 1994

Blank Check

“Blank check” must be what these filmmakers had when they made this movie. Not that it reeks of extravagance in its workmanship, this movie simply...

Film Review, Feb. 18, 1994

Bank Robber

Lisa Bonet is back in action and, somehow, I suspect that banks are not the only things bein robbed here....

Film Review, Feb. 18, 1994

Days of Heaven

Two of the cinema's greatest poets ever, director Terrence Malick and cinematographer Nestor Almendros, combined forces on Days of Heaven and created something so beautiful...

Film Review, Feb. 18, 1994


In his highly stylized fashion, Derek Jarman explores the mind of the 20th century Viennese philosopher.

Film Review, Feb. 18, 1994


At its best, Gunmen is a pale imitation of other, better films. At its worst, it's instantly forgettable. Or have I gotten those two reversed?...

Film Review, Feb. 11, 1994

It's All True: Based On an Unfinished Film by Orson Welles

It's All True provides a missing piece of film history. In 1942, while Orson Welles was completing The Magnificent Ambersons, his follow-up to Citizen Kane,...

Film Review, Feb. 11, 1994

Ruby in Paradise

Ruby in paradise. Ruby in Florida. Ruby out of the hills of Tennessee. Ruby adrift in the Sunshine State. Ashley Judd (daughter of Naomi, sister...

Film Review, Feb. 4, 1994

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Finding yourself starved for some old Jerry Lewis-style clowning? Your response to that question will probably color your reaction to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Jim...

Film Review, Feb. 4, 1994

Six Degrees of Separation

Despite some core ambiguities, the temporal experience of watching Six Degrees of Separation is one of absorption and intrigue. Adapted for the screen by John...

Film Review, Jan. 28, 1994

Golden Gate

Like Jack Nicholson's private dick before him, Matt Dillon should have known better than to go poking around in Chinatown. Golden Gate is a messy...

Film Review, Jan. 28, 1994


Despite its fairly outlandish take on the old “beautiful blind woman in peril” school of romantic thrillers, Blink manages to weather its unbelievability and emerge...

Film Review, Jan. 28, 1994


Someone should have roadblocked this Intersection. It's hard to work up much steam about this story about talented and successful architect Vincent (Gere) unable to...

Film Review, Jan. 28, 1994

Between the Teeth

No one mounts a non-production like David Byrne. Spare, minimalist stage effects combine with the multi-textured pop rhythms of Byrne's music to create an irresistible...

Film Review, Jan. 21, 1994

Body Snatchers

In case you hadn't noticed, pod people are back amongst us. This third screen version of the science fiction classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers,...

Film Review, Jan. 14, 1994

Schindler's List

Spielberg marshals all his formidable storytelling talents and puts them at the service of an epic human drama.

Film Review, Jan. 14, 1994


With so many hopes, expectations and pressures riding on the success of Philadelphia, billed as the “first mainstream motion picture to deal with AIDS,” it's...

Film Review, Jan. 14, 1994

House Party 3

Havoc surrounds plans for staging the wildest bachelor party ever. You may hope your invitation gets lost in the mail....

Film Review, Jan. 12, 1994

The Summer House

Jeanne Moreau. Jeanne Moreau. Jeanne Moreau. She is the soul of this movie and its raison d'être. So perfect in the role is she that...

Film Review, Jan. 7, 1994

Heaven & Earth

Imagine that one of those two-fisted, male-identified Hollywood directors of yore suddenly tweaked the reins a bit and made a woman-focused melodrama: perhaps some filmmaker...

Film Review, Dec. 24, 1993

Farewell My Concubine

Though twice-banned in its homeland by Chinese authorities, Chen Kaige's epic drama has emerged a winner on the international circuit. This year at Cannes, Farewell...

Film Review, Dec. 24, 1993


Former editor Clifford, who went on to direct Frances, has crafted this drama about a wife whose discoveries about her posthumous husband cause her to...

Film Review, Dec. 17, 1993

Sister Act Two: Back in the Habit

How do you spell crass? When it is so patently obvious that there is no reason to make a movie other than to capitalize on...

Film Review, Dec. 17, 1993

Rescue Me

A studious 17-year-old witnesses a kidnapping and enlists the help of a “warm-hearted smuggler” to save the victim....

Film Review, Dec. 10, 1993

Household Saints

The glory of miracles is not in the making but, rather, in the seeing. Anyone can detect a miracle when it's accompanied by blinding flashes...

Film Review, Dec. 3, 1993

La Vie De Bohème

This film honors the romantic notion of the starving artist while simultaneously mocking its illusions and pretensions.

Film Review, Dec. 3, 1993

The War Room

Political campaigns and cinema vérité make strange bedfellows. Spin doctoring and strategic planning seem at odds with the documentarian's reveal-all approach to filmmaking. Given these...

Film Review, Nov. 26, 1993

Colin Nutley's House of Angels

Swedish comedy? Directed by an Englishman? I can hear you now. “Sure, right,” you're saying with tongue planted firmly in cheek. But I kid you...

Film Review, Nov. 26, 1993

Wild West

Zaf Ayub (Andrews) has a fearless heart. He has to. Like many dreamers he longs to become a country & western music star and move...

Film Review, Nov. 26, 1993

Inside Monkey Zetterland

Check out this cast. A pretty extraordinary collection of players are gathered here -- especially when you consider the film's low-budget shooting style and rambling...

Film Review, Nov. 19, 1993

The Piano

If Madame Bovary were ever to find a Room of her Own, the result might be something like The Piano. But, then again, probably not,...

Film Review, Nov. 19, 1993

Heroes Shed No Tears

A D.E.A. agent hooks up with a retired soldier to dethrone a drug lord in John Woo's Hong Kong shoot-'em-up.

Film Review, Nov. 19, 1993

The Abyss

Another in a series of new directors' cuts that have been tumbling out recently, this one adds a significant amount of footage to the original...

Film Review, Nov. 12, 1993

RoboCop 3

We've been RoboCopped! Again. Delayed for quite a while due to the mess over at Orion Pictures, this third addition to the RoboCop series has...

Film Review, Nov. 12, 1993

Carlito's Way

After too long in the wasteland, Brian De Palma has once again found his footing. With Carlito's Way, De Palma has turned out a masterful...

Film Review, Nov. 12, 1993

Flesh and Bone

Roy Sweeney (Caan) is bad to the bone and his evil legacy has been passed down to his flesh and blood. It's inevitable, in that...

Film Review, Nov. 5, 1993

Beware of a Holy Whore

Beware of a Holy Whore is Rainer Werner Fassbinder's -- the Seventies' enfant terrible of foreign filmmaking -- quintessential film. Made in 1970 (along with...

Film Review, Nov. 5, 1993

The Ballad of Little Jo

This conscious attempt to put a new spin on the Western offers a little seen perspective on the American frontier. Inspired by the life of...

Film Review, Nov. 5, 1993

The Speed Racer Show

“Go, Speed, Go.” That refrain, whether in the theme song or in the script, were usually the best thing about this TV show. Created in...

Film Review, Oct. 29, 1993

Nosferatu With Live Musical Accompaniment by Dick Price

This will be the final screening of Nosferatu backed with local musician Dick Price's live, original piano accompaniment. No one has ever matched this 1922...

Film Review, Oct. 29, 1993

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