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Marjorie Baumgarten is a film critic and senior editor at The Austin Chronicle, where she has worked in many capacities since the paper's founding in 1981. She has been the Chronicle's Film Reviews editor for the last 25 years, and her work has also appeared in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Film Comment.

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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love... the movie's title echoes those found on the lurid covers of the lesbian pulp novels popular in the Fifties and SIxties. This Canadian...

Film Review, Jul. 23, 1993

Wax, Or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees

Harder to describe than it is to understand, this new cult favorite combines elements of science fiction, cyberpunk aesthetics, post-industrial moral metaphors, Burroughsian cut-ups technique...

Film Review, Jul. 16, 1993

Free Willy

Free Willy is a rousing modern-day fable about hugging whales, overcoming villains in black hats and freeing the enemy within. It is a beautifully photographed...

Film Review, Jul. 16, 1993

In the Line of Fire

The only thing “that's not gonna happen” (to quote the movie's catch-phrase) is box-office failure for In the Line of Fire. Eastwood's latest, in which...

Film Review, Jul. 9, 1993

The Firm

With The Firm, Tom Cruise has descended from A Few Good Men to A Few Bad Men. Though he's still working his way through the...

Film Review, Jul. 2, 1993


Son-in-Law's only real surprise is that it's so much better than it has to be. Of course, you have to be expecting the worst in...

Film Review, Jul. 2, 1993

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall...” In 1937 Disney animators turned this Brothers Grimm story into a film classic which has now been newly re-mastered for...

Film Review, Jul. 2, 1993

Money Man

The subject of this documentary is J.S.G. Boggs, a conceptual artist whose chosen mode of expression is hand-drawn currency. His homemade bills, while not counterfeit...

Film Review, Jun. 25, 1993

What's Love Got to Do With it

Though Tina Turner's been trying to break into movies for a while now, Hollywood has never known quite what to do with her, casting her...

Film Review, Jun. 18, 1993


Strange breed, collectors. Passionate, obsessive and fixated. Baron von Utz (Mueller-Stahl) is one. Yet Utz is not just any collector; he's more a collector's collector....

Film Review, Jun. 11, 1993

Excessive Force

Thomas Ian Griffith wrote and stars in this martial arts, police actioner about corrupt Chicago cops. Guess they waited for the Rodney King trial to...

Film Review, Jun. 4, 1993


Breathtaking to look at, Cliffhanger's tale of rock jocks caught up in a Treasury Department heist gone bad, real bad, is a great action thriller....

Film Review, Jun. 4, 1993

Wide Sargasso Sea

Ever wonder in Jane Eyre how the first Mrs. Rochester went mad and came to be locked away in that tower? Author Jean Rhys wondered...

Film Review, Jun. 4, 1993

Made in America

She: the highly prized diva of last summer's surprise comedy blockbuster, Sister Act. He: TV's best paid and newly retired star of the top rated...

Film Review, Jun. 4, 1993


The whole world is watching... or at least that's what the makers of Sliver would have us believe. Initial business is likely to be brisk...

Film Review, May. 28, 1993

Happily Ever After

Disney is theatrically re-releasing its 1937 classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs this summer, so there's no time better than the present to break...

Film Review, May. 28, 1993

The Last Days of Chez Nous

This Australian film from director Armstrong (My Brilliant Career, Mrs. Soffel) presents a microcosmic story of an extended family in the twilight hours before its...

Film Review, May. 21, 1993

Lost in Yonkers

Neil Simon here has quite successfully adapted his Pulitzer prize-winning stage play for the screen. While Lost in Yonkers is chock-full of the kind of...

Film Review, May. 21, 1993

Olivier, Olivier

Written and directed by the woman who, last time out, gave us the surprise foreign film hit Europa, Europa, I can only say that I...

Film Review, May. 14, 1993

Emma & Elvis

Emma & Elvis is the first work of fiction by noted documentary filmmaker Julia Reichert (Seeing Red, Union Maids, Growing Up Female). In the transition,...

Film Review, May. 14, 1993

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Though it could hardly be termed a stroke of luck, the timing of this Bruce Lee film bio could hardly be better. Ever since his...

Film Review, May. 7, 1993

Ishi: The Last Yahi

This wonderful, award-winning, hour-long documentary is an absorbing, eye-opening look at the dichotomous American obsession with “savagery” and “civilization.” It recounts the history of the...

Film Review, May. 7, 1993

Close to Eden

There's a kind of loopy fiction yet anthropological honesty to this Russian-made (and French-produced) movie set in the isolated steppes of Chinese Inner Mongolia. Modern...

Film Review, May. 7, 1993

Three of Hearts

Though fashioned like an old-time screwball comedy, Three of Hearts' presentation of its central love triangle is thoroughly contemporary. A rejected lover hires an “escort”...

Film Review, May. 7, 1993


Somewhere near the end of this indie feature about the lifestyles and foibles of the young and uncommitted, a character exasperatedly exclaims: “You can't change...

Film Review, Apr. 30, 1993

This Boy's Life

This Boy's Life is based on author Tobias Wolf's autobiographical memoir about growing up in the Fifties in the company of his divorced and seemingly...

Film Review, Apr. 30, 1993

Benny & Joon

Naïf meets waif in this touching yet whimsically unrealistic tale of love amongst society's write-offs.

Film Review, Apr. 16, 1993

Just Another Girl On the I.R.T.

It's safe to say that you haven't seen many characters like Chantel (Johnson) in the movies before -- an African-American teenage girl who dreams of...

Film Review, Apr. 16, 1993

Jack the Bear

Jack the Bear is a bear alright -- at times warm and cuddly like a panda but still a beast that you might not want...

Film Review, Apr. 9, 1993

The Adventures of Huck Finn

It's hard to know who might be the targeted audience for this seventh film adaptation of Mark Twain's classic novel. Some of the material is...

Film Review, Apr. 9, 1993

Female Misbehavior

Female Misbehavior is a compilation of four short documentaries by feminist film director Monika Treut (Seduction: The Cruel Woman, Virgin Machine, My Father Is Coming)....

Film Review, Apr. 9, 1993

The Sandlot

The movie is a grown man's memory of his first, awkward summer in a new neighborhood in 1962 and the importance of baseball as a bonding activity.

Film Review, Apr. 9, 1993

The Match Factory Girl

With not even 70 minutes total running time and, seemingly, not more than two dozen total lines of dialogue, The Match Factory Girl spins a compelling narrative, a devastating cultural portrait, and an object lesson in the less-is-more school of storytelling.

Film Review, Apr. 2, 1993

Rich in Love

The team who brought us Driving Miss Daisy is now driving its brand of Southern sentimental hogwash into the ground. Producers Richard and Lili Zanuck,...

Film Review, Mar. 26, 1993

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

The kids sure do love these creatures. Their folks can't understand why. And that, in a nut -- er, tortoise -- shell justifies the attraction....

Film Review, Mar. 26, 1993

Rain Without Thunder

The year is 2042 and the word “terminator” has taken on a new cultural meaning. Terminators are the abortionists of this future society. By constitutional...

Film Review, Mar. 19, 1993

Swing Kids

Naïve yet eternally attractive is the idea that a generation can change the world through its music. New waves in music generally bring with them...

Film Review, Mar. 12, 1993

Passion Fish

Passion Fish proves that when you have a great script, great performers and a great location, you don't mind that the movie goes on a...

Film Review, Mar. 5, 1993


The motto over at Fifty/Fifty's production house ought to be: “Cannon Pictures: All the grace of a howitzer.” Part action-adventure about a couple of mercenaries...

Film Review, Mar. 5, 1993

The Judas Project

Eternal Life is what you'll need to make it through this modern-garbed passion play. The Judas Project tells the story of Jesus in modern drag....

Film Review, Mar. 5, 1993

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